Solo Soundtrack: Anti-Valentine’s Day Edition: Down with Love

Wed Feb 14:

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Series - Music in Motion


The inaugural edition of our new Solo Soundtrack series celebrates everything antithetical to Valentine’s Day with Down with Love, the candy-colored kitschy 2003 riff on 1960s “no-sex sex comedies” starring Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Paired with a hip hop soundtrack curated by REDEFINE Magazine founder/NWFF designer Vivian Hua.

About Solo Soundtrack

Solo Soundtrack = silent disco for movies. Bring your over-the-ear headphones and plug in to a custom soundtrack curated by Seattle’s finest musicians, DJs and music writers – or by your fine self! Like most editions of our popular Puget Soundtrack series, the sound of the film will be turned off completely, allowing for an immersive sonic environment that totally transforms your experience of the film. Highly visual films are paired with playlists and album suggestions to create the perfect setting for relaxation, ideation, or meditation. With unlimited soundtrack possibilities, let your mood guide your approach to the show: toke up, plug in, zone out, brainstorm, problem solve, grab a headphone splitter and share an experience with a pal or partner – whatever blows your hair back!

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