Cadence 2022 – Its flashes are flashes of fire [Hybrid]

Watch online: Apr. 21 – May 1, 2022

Watch in person: Apr. 24 at 7pm

Cadence 2022 is a hybrid virtual-and-in-person festival. There are three categories of festival pass: VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, and HYBRID (virtual AND in-person), all available here. Proof of vaccination and masks are required for NWFF patrons! Full Covid policies here.


This showcase stares mortality in the eye and offers a poem as effigy to life, death, and love. A contemporary investigation into sacred love kindles the intensity spread across these works. From a fantastical color-saturated portrait of the legendary poet Lorca to an uncredited photograph of domestic life in 1930s Budapest, these video poems are lessons in keeping the flame alive across cultures and time.

Header photo credit & showcase title credit: The Song of Songs (Le Cantique des Cantiques), dir. André Goldberg

FAQ: How do I watch online?
FAQ: How do I watch in-person?
  • Purchase your ticket(s) in advance through Brown Paper Tickets.
  • You can also purchase a ticket on the day of the screening at Northwest Film Forum’s box office (1515 12th Ave, Seattle).
  • If you have purchased a Hybrid or In-Person-Only Festival Pass, we’ll be able to look you up at Will Call by the name you purchased under.
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For the sake of public safety, NWFF patrons ages 5+ will be required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination and wear masks that cover both nose and mouth while in the building. Disposable masks are available at the door for those who need them.

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Films in this program:

Climbing Eros

Climbing Eros is a film about crossing distance and returning to earth. World premiere

(Director: Charles M Pepiton, Poet: Damon Falke, US, 2022, 16 min, in English, with English subtitles)


A video poem reflecting on movement, travel, lineage, mortality, and immortality. World premiere

(Director/Poet: Natachi Mez, US, 2022, 3 min, in English, with no subtitles or captions)


This elegaic, dramatic fantasy is dedicated to the memory of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The central themes of love and death attend a suite of symbolic allusions to Lorca’s oeuvre. US premiere

(Director/Poet: Kornej Rokotyan-Sokol’skij, Russian Federation, 2021, 12 min, in Russian, Spanish, with English subtitles)


An awakening through dance as a response to fear, loss, and change. A reclaiming of experiences, heart shattering to life giving, that may just be the elixir for a radical transformation towards vitality. Generated during the 2022 Cadence Artist-in-Residency. World premiere

(Director/Poet: Hannah Villanueva, US, 2022, 5 min)


I have found the sea, an ocean limitless. I have opened a treasury unending; its jewels blaze with the luster of a thousand thousand suns, and they blaze here, in my soul. (Sant Tukaram) US premiere

(Director: Milan Zulic, Poet: Sant Tukaram translated by John S. Hoyland, Switzerland, 2021, 6 min, in English, with no subtitles or captions)

The Song of Songs (Le Cantique des Cantiques)

The Beloved yearns for her Beloved. Is he a valiant of King Solomon, or a shepherd putting his flock out to pasture? Is she one of the king’s concubines, or a simple shepherdess? The Song of Songs is a 3000-year-old biblical poem from one of the Books of the Old Testament. Seattle premiere

(Director: André Goldberg, Belgium, 2020, 33 min, in French, with English subtitles)

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Cadence Video Poetry Festival, presented by Northwest Film Forum, programmed in collaboration with Seattle author Chelsea Werner-Jatzke and artist Râna San, is a series of screenings, workshops, and discussions on the genre of video poetry, during National Poetry Month.

Cadence approaches video poetry as a literary genre presented as visual media that makes new meaning from the combination of text and moving image. Featuring screenings, an artist residency, generative workshops for youth and adults, and juried awards, the festival fosters critical and creative growth around the medium of video poetry.


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