Cadence 2019 – Familiar Cadence

This event took place on Apr 4, 2019

Image credit, this page: Still from Broken Tongue by Mónica Savirón

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member


A video poetry showcase curated by local publishers and arts organization partners Interbay Cinema Society, Jack Straw Cultural CenterMount AnaloguePoetry Northwest, Pongo Publishing Teen Writing Project, and Seattle City of Literature.

Interbay Cinema Society presents:

Jack Straw Cultural Center presents:

  • The Iron Chink by Shin Yu Pai
  • Starfish by Amber Flame + Anastacia-Renee
  • The Island by EJ Koh
  • Cándida by Irma Pineda
  • Deep In It by Kamari Bright
  • Black Like Me by Shontina Vernon

Mount Analogue presents:

Poetry Northwest presents:

  • Grocery Store Manager: Poetry by Keith Leonard, directed by Ian Stevens and Zachary Bivins
  • Traveler’s Ode: Poetry by Dao Strom, directed by Roland Dahwen
  • Song: Poetry by Elizabeth Barnett, directed by Ian Stevens and Zachary Bivins
  • The Elk My Father Shot: Poetry by Keetje Kuipers, directed by Ian Stevens and Zachary Bivins

Pongo Publishing Teen Writing Project presents:

  • Coyote Ridge (Correctional Center): Nikkita Oliver reading poetry by a young woman in juvenile detention.
  • The Days I Miss: Georgia McDade reading poetry by a young man in juvenile detention.

Seattle City of Literature presents:

UNESCO Cities of Literature:

Iowa City

  • We Are In a Forest by Lauren Haldeman


  • The Bus by Nikolai Blagov + Maria Zhvankova
  • Threshed by Gala Uzryutova + Maria Zhvankova

Video poetry is language as light. As an art form, video poetry is lucid and liminal—on the threshold of the literary and the moving image. It articulates the poetic image visually, rather than metaphorically—it shifts words from page to screen, from ink to light. A video poem makes meaning that would not exist if text was without image, image without text. It is language-based video work or a video-based poem. Video poetry is a literary genre presented as visual media.

Registration for both the adult and youth generative video poetry workshops is now open and festival passes to attend all four screenings are available.

See it all! $23 Members, $40 General

Thank you to The Evergrey for their support of Cadence: Video Poetry Festival as a Media Partner!

Thank you to The Evergrey for their support of Cadence: Video Poetry Festival as a Media Partner!

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