CFFS 2020 [Online] – Valiente y Verdadero (Ages 6+)

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Fri May 15: 11.00am PDT
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Sun May 17: 1.00pm PDT
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Northwest Film Forum is SCREENING ONLINE! NWFF’s physical space is temporarily closed in light of public health concerns around COVID-19, but community, dialogue, and education through media arts WILL persist.

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Ages 6+
This all-Spanish language program is filled with Latin American children who are brave and true, lighting up the lives of everyone they meet. There are also two beautiful animated films from Puerto Rico and Colombia, which remind us to fly high and free in everything we do.

Esta programa, totalmente en Español, está lleno de niños que son valientes y verdaderos, quién iluminan las vidas de todas personas que conocen. También hay dos películas animadas muy hermosas de Puerto Rico y Colombia, que nos recuerdan que volar alto y libre en todo que hacemos. (74 min.)

With introductions by filmmakers and Luis Sanz, composer and subject of the film Pasivo!


Discussion Guide for Valiente y Verdadero
Neighborhood Walk –“Búsqueda de Tesoro” Familiar/Family Scavenger Hunt – EspañolEnglish

Maria Camila’s GiftPitiguáRamón

See how animator Paula Martínez Cirilo (creator of Pitigua) speed draws dragons!

Short Films in this Program:


(Julio Benito Cabrera & Gabriel Ocando, Puerto Rico, live-action, 2019, 5 min, nonverbal)

A young child takes a long walk to meet a master craftsman, which turns out to be only the beginning of a long journey.

Un chico da una larga caminata para encontrar un maestro artesano que resulta ser solamente el comienzo de un viaje duradero.

Trailer >


(Paula Martínez Cirilo, USA & Puerto Rico, animation, 2:43 min, 2017, nonverbal)

In this vibrant medley of interweaving forms and colors that celebrate Puerto Rican culture, a grey kingbird and a red-tailed hawk battle over the light that sustains the night and the day.

En esta mezcla de formas y colores entrelazados que celebran la cultura puertorriqueña, un pitirre y un guaraguao batallan por la luz que sostiene el día y la noche.

Trailer >

The Cubicbird

(Jorge Alberto Vega Rivera, Colombia, animation, 2019, 9:15 min, Spanish with English subtitles)

Pedro grew up in a birdcage. But, when he was small, he dreamed of an owl who told him that he could break out of his cage when he was bigger.

Pedro crecía dentro de una jaula de pájaros. Pero cuando era joven, soñó con un búho que dijo que él podría salir de su jaula cuando fuera mayor.

Trailer >


(Natalia Bernal, Colombia & Mexico, live-action, 2019, 7 min, Spanish with English subtitles) Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2020 Children’s Jury prizewinner!

A young kickboxer who is strong and brave learns something very important at the end of a fight.

Un joven boxeador quién es fuerte y valiente aprende algo muy importante durante el fin de un combate.

Maria Camila’s Gift

(Andrés Molano Moncada, Colombia, 2019, 12 min, in Spanish with English subtitles) Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2020 Children’s Jury prizewinner!

A young girl shows she has the funny power to transform people into animals. But who is she working so hard to amuse? A story about a sister’s love.

Una niña muestra que tiene el poder extraño de transformar las personas en animales. ¿Pero está trabajando tan duro para divertir quién? Un cuento sobre el amor entre hermanas.

Trailer >

Like Playing

(Berenice Adrianzen Zegarra, Peru, live-action, 2018, 20 min, in Spanish with English subtitles)

A resourceful and imaginative boy shows his little brother and a friend how to turn a search for recyclables into a grand hunt for treasure.

Un niño ingenioso e imaginativo le muestra cómo convertir una búsqueda de productos reciclables en una gran caza del tesoro a su hermano menor y un amigo.

Trailer >

Wild Lea

(María Teresa Salcedo Montero, Colombia, animation, 9 min, 2020, in Spanish with English subtitles)

Can Lea, a floral cat with a wild spirit, find a home with sweet but cautious rag doll Ciro, and his friends?

¿Puede Lea, una gata con un espíritu salvaje, encontrar un hogar con Ciro, un dulce y cauteloso muñeco de trapo, y sus amigos?

Trailer >

199 Little Heroes: Jesus from Mexico

(Liny Luzyte, Germany & Mexico, live-action documentary, 10:08 min, 2018, Spanish with English subtitles) Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2020 Children’s Jury prizewinner!

Jesus, 11, lives in Mexico City together with his family in the middle of the “Floating Gardens of Xochimilco.” Every day he rows a boat to school, accompanied by his little sister. Jesus lives in a neighborhood where kidnappings have happened, but he is brave and true, and loves to dance with his little sister.

Jesus, 11, vive en la Ciudad de México con su familia en el mitad de los jardines flotantes de Xochimilco. Todos los días, él rema un barco a la escuela acompañado por su hermana. Jesus vive en un barrio donde han ocurrido secuestros, pero él es valiente y verdadero y le encanta bailar con su hermana menor.

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