Durational Film from the Yellow Fish Durational Performance Festival

This event took place on Jul 14, 2014

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member



Curated by Adam Sekuler

“Inspired by Marina Abramovic, Doug Aitken, Matthew Barney, Gina Pane, Yves Klein, Jan Fabre, Salt Horse’s 12-hour play and others, I have been thinking for a while about what it would do to this artistic community to experience a Durational Performance Event—by which I mean performances, actions or re-actions that last for a minimum of an hour and a maximum of 48 hours, which do not necessarily require the constant attention of an audience and may not require an audience at all.” —Alice Gosti


Congratulations (One Step at a Time) by Roger Beebe
Notes on gender in the 21st Century. Taken (covertly) at the University of Florida spring 2013 graduation ceremony.

Brokenflo by Patrick Tarrant
Brokenflo is an intermittent serial portrait that explores the rhythm and deep structure of cyclists involved in their daily commute. People emerge over time from their collective, soft-focus anonymity and fleetingly present themselves for this long-lens portrait before disappearing again into the flux and flow of the city.

LA MÚSICA by Andrea Márquez
Based on John Cage’s ideas, LA MÚSICA explores and sorrounds silences. In Buenos Aires a woman becomes distracted in her apartment. All the sounds that come through the window take hold of the environment — they become the environment. The elevator, a neighbor’s voice, the imperceptible hum of the woman. It’s four o’clock. It’s a sunny day.

For Sale by Benjamin Popp
Experimental Film doesn’t make much money.

Sea by Gareth Polmeer
Images of sky and sea on the horizon form linear bands of colour through the spatial and temporal composition of scan lines.The video is composed of multiple instances of recordings looking out to sea. These have been layered and masked in different configurations with areas one pixel in height, each offset by varying iterations of 1/25th of a second from the next. These layers are duplicated, inversed and reversed for a looping projection such that the images develop through one another like a palindrome, with the textures a series of color fields

Nationtime by Christine Lucy Latimer
Cell phone video footage of exploding Canada Day fireworks is re-worked and expanded in an array of vhs feedback loops. A momentary pause for Canadian experimental film on a day of national celebration. (Title borrowed from a very awesome album of the same name by Joe McPhee)

Impossible Chase by John Warren
A motorcyclist is subjected to an optical reworking — layers collide, blend, and fade away. For Charlotte Pryce.

Express/Local by Adam Sekuler
Using a passing subway car as a vehicle to explore our experience of time, Express/Local creates a pulsing, metronomic structure that plucks lost moments from the workaday grind and makes them momentous.

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