Engauge 2023 – Intersections [In-Person Only]

This event took place on Nov 2, 2023


  • $14 General Admission
  • $10 Student/Child/Senior
  • $7 NWFF/SIFF/GI/PCNW member

(two film programs + one special event; for either Friday or Saturday)

  • $40 General
  • $30 Student/Child/Senior
  • $20 NWFF/SIFF/GI/PCNW member

(includes Greta Snider and Harry Smith programs!)

  • $60 General
  • $50 Student/Child/Senior
  • $40 NWFF/SIFF/GI/PCNW member

On Film

(68 min TRT)

The films in this program explore the various ways in which film forms intersect, connect and interact. Some play with the film form itself, utilizing multiple exposures or juxtaposing images, some literalize the idea of intersections by exploring physical geographies on film. For some filmmakers, the intersections here have more to do with memory, family, and story. We will show 2 films on 16mm, 1 film on 35mm, and 1 film as a dual projector performance.

Header photo credit: 撿起放下墜落提起 It follows It passes on, dir. Erica Sheu

Visiting Artist

** Filmmakers in attendance! **

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  • Purchase your ticket through Brown Paper Tickets; come to the show!
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  • If you have purchased a Full Festival Pass or Full Day Pass, we’ll be able to look you up at Will Call by the name you purchased under.
FAQ: How do I watch online?
  • Film programs in the 2023 edition of Engauge will not be available for virtual viewing.

Films in this program:


(Hogan Seidel | b + w | sound | 3:00 | 16mm | 2023 | US)

Shot on high-contrast black and white 16mm film using a single 100ft reel, “Konstantin” is an in-camera edit with triple exposures, creating a layered and complex visual language. Through this aesthetic, the piece explores themes of queer love and queer ecology and invites the viewer to enter a unique and poetic world, where the boundaries between the human and natural realms blur and merge. Pushing against human exceptionalism & into a world where there is no ‘natural’ or ‘unnatural.’ Can a walk in the forest, a kiss between lovers, a roll of film, the touch lichen, liberate ourselves from these hierarchies?


(Charles Cadkin | color | sound | 4:41 | 16mm | 2022 | US)

On the Northwest side of Chicago, large swaths of people have been gathering for decades to fill their containers with water from a magical water pump.


(Richard Tuohy | color | sound | 10:30 | 16mm | 2022 | Australia)

A staccato study of street level action and inter-action. People and vehicles on everyday journeys are atomised into coursing fragments of light, shadow, angle and inertia, reiterating and disassembling the creation of motion out of still frames at the heart of cinema. Filmed in ten cities on four continents.

撿起放下墜落提起 It follows It passes on

(Erica Sheu | color | sound | 4:53 | 16mm to digital | 2023 | Taiwan)

Incense yielded a little light and led the way to hide from the bomb. Broken dishes time travel. Imaginations of a post-war island, Kinmen, from familial anecdotes. Tracing the roots of cross-generational sentiments behind the glare of glasses, the display of a self-made museum. Lights reveal and conceal the stories.

Forest Song

(Karel Doing | b + w & color | sound | 4:40 | 16mm to digital | 2022 | UK)

After throwing off the yoke of slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Saramaccan Maroons have established a network of independent communities that ignore the border between Suriname and French Guyana. They have combined their African heritage with local knowledge, cleverly adapting to the complex conditions offered by the tropical rainforest. A profound knowledge of plants is a key element within a culture based on mutualism and creative expression. This short film uses a spirited Saramaccan song as a structural principle to briefly explore their rich and powerful way of being in the world.

13th Ave Fargo Mine Cart

(Raymond Rea | color | sound | 2:52 | 16mm to digital | 2022 | US)

A comment on one Big Box Store strip. There may be a different, yet familiar, strip where you live. Only conversation with someone else immersed can offer relief.

La noirceur souterraine des racines / The subterranean blackness of roots

(Charles-André Coderre | color | sound | 10:00 | 16mm to digital | 2022 | Canada)

Shot in Quebec, “The subterranean blackness of roots” is a 16 mm film triptych which uses several processes specific to analog cinema (hand processing, optical printing, photochemical alteration). The film seeks to show the sensory experience of the invisible life of stones, plants, and the nature that surrounds us.

Water & Wall

(Cassandra Celestin | color | sound | 8:47 | 16mm to digital | 2022 | US)

The Dutch settler town lying beneath Manhattan’s current financial district seen through a mosaic of material remains and landscapes, an entanglement of things past and present.

Father Archie

(Todd Fraser | color | sound | 5:09 | 16mm to digital | 2023 | Canada)

Accompanying partially destroyed 16mm images of the local parish, my grandfather narrates – switching between English and Scottish Gaelic – a story of witnessing a miraculous act of remedy performed by a priest whose reputation as an alleged healer is commonly known in the area. The film was shot in Broad Cove, Nova Scotia, and buried in the garden.


(Wenhua Shi | color | silent | 4:20 | 16mm dual projection | 2023 | US)

A visual poem was composed, when no one is at home.

Bye Bye Now

(Louise Bourque | b + w & color | sound | 9:40 | 35mm | 2022 | Canada)

The very gesture of waving HELLO to the movie camera in itself (re)presents a recurring GOODBYE to a fleeting moment. Made in homage to my father, this film traces past lives lived in these personal 8mm family archives he left me.

The 6th Engauge Experimental Film Festival celebrates sprocket-driven, artist-made experimental film, presenting seven programs of shorts and one feature over the course of four nights at NWFF’s cinema in Capitol Hill. All work features in the festival originated on film stock.

The festival features a solo show by San Francisco-based filmmaker Greta Snider, and Lori Goldston and friends’ live score for a 16mm print of Anacortes-born, Beat Generation filmmaker Harry Smith’s feature Heaven and Earth Magic.

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