Free Cece

This event took place on Jan 14, 2017

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member



Seattle premiere!

Ticketing for this event is through the Social Justice Fund Northwest, not Northwest Film Forum.

On her way to the store with a group of friends, Chrishaun Reed “CeCe” McDonald was brutally attacked. While defending her life, a man was killed. After a coercive interrogation, CeCe was incarcerated in a men’s prison in Minnesota. An international campaign to free CeCe garnered significant support from media and activists, including actress Laverne Cox. Cox signed on as executive producer of FREE CECE!, committed to exploring the role race, class, and gender played in CeCe’s case. In the end, CeCe emerged not only as a survivor, but also as a leader.

Documentarian Jacqueline (Jac) Gares pushed past the everyday narratives of victimhood surrounding the lives of transgender people, to spotlight the way CeCe and other trans people are leading a growing movement fighting for the rights of transgender people everywhere. Cece’s powerful story highlights the groundswell of voices questioning the prison industrial complex and calling for its disassembly.

FREE CECE! is directed and produced by Jacqueline (Jac) Gares and executive produced by Laverne Cox. Slobodan Randjelovic also served as producer. Original music is by Jordana LeSesne with editing by Erik Satre.

– Doors open at noon

– Snacks provided, and drinks available for purchase

– At 12:50pm, we will welcome folks on the waitlist, so please redeem your reserved ticket before 12:50pm

– Film screening at 1pm

– Panel discussion following the film

– After the film, we’ll hear from community organizers working at the intersections of criminal justice, gender justice, and racial justice.

All guests will be invited to make a gift meaningful to them. All funds will support gender justice organizing through the Gender Justice Giving Project – more information at

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