This event took place Dec 14 - Dec 20, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Emilio Belmonte
France & Spain
1h 25m


Rocío Molina puts so much of her soul into her dancing that it scares her mother. Her unique style of performance combines the rigorous percussive movement of traditional flamenco with improvised choreography. She calls it Impulso. The movements begin as an intuition within her body, pass through her senses, and manifest themselves outward in a unique moment of what she describes as “absolute truth.”

Emilio Belmonte’s documentary is plentiful with dazzling footage of her performing Impulsos throughout Europe, in preparation for a new show in Paris, titled Caida del Cielo. She leaps through the air onto her knees; she crawls over rocks like a lizard; she soaks her dress in red paint and transforms herself into a paintbrush, the floor into a canvas. Here, and in the revelatory interviews with Molina and her mother, the audience learns the full intensity behind her art. She doesn’t dance Impulsos merely for the sake of the dance. She dances it because she’s addicted to the feeling it gives her: the feeling of losing herself in the motion, then rediscovering herself in that ecstatic moment of absolute truth. For Molina, the Impulso is not just a dance. It is a continual process of renewal, and a way of existence.

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