Jack Straw Shorts

This event took place on Nov 7, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member


A program of short films by Malic Amalya, Etsuko Ichikawa, Curtis Taylor, and Danielle Villegas, produced with the support of Jack Straw Cultural Center’s Artist Support Program. Jack Straw Cultural Center is the Northwest’s only non-profit multidisciplinary audio arts center, dedicated to keeping arts, culture, and heritage vital through sound. The Artist Support Program is an annual artist residency program that provides audio production support and training to artists of all disciplines whose project proposals include sound as a major component.

Drifting, dir. Malic Amalya

Malic Amalya’s Drifting is both an homage to and a polemic on nostalgia for Americana. Shot on an optical printer, Drifting re-photographs frames from 8mm home movies that would have otherwise been thrown out due to broken sprocket holes, melded frames, light leaks, and jittering frame lines. By exposing the photographic anomalies of film, Drifting allows viewers to savor the patterns of light and the physicality of the media, while also asking them to consider how framing impacts their experience and understanding of images.

Radiating Echoes - What Is Beautiful?, dir. Etsuko Ichikawa

Etsuko Ichikawa’s Radiating Echoes – What Is Beautiful? is an inquiry into the meaning of “beautiful.” This project started off by interviewing blind or visually-impaired people and asking them a single question: What is beautiful to you? A series of recorded answers were brought into a 1000-ft long tunnel at a decommissioned nuclear plant in southern Washington where the voices echoed and decayed into the absolute darkness.

Bachianas No. 5, dir. Curtis Taylor

In Curtis Taylor’s Bachianas No. 5, three women dream of an ideal place for love, an ideal lover. In truth they work the demimonde of a girl show and imagine solace, or revenge.

Dos Almas + InBetween, dir. Danielle Villegas

Danielle Villegas’s Dos Almas and InBetween are companion films about the two spirit concept and philosophy. Dos Almas examines the fictional relationship between two women (a Mestiza and a Two-Spirit woman) in the western wilderness, c. 1850. In InBetween, Villegas shares personal insights about Dos Almas while sharing another way to look at gender, fueled with personal and historical stories about being InBetween.

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