Kuessipan [Online]

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Mar. 26 – Apr. 23, 2021

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Myriam Verreault
1h 57m


Two girls grow up as best friends in a Québec Innu community. While Mikuan has a loving family, Shaniss is picking up the pieces of her shattered childhood. As children, they promised each other to stick together no matter what.

But as they’re about to turn 17, their friendship is shaken when Mikuan falls for a white boy, and starts dreaming of leaving the reserve that is now too small for her dreams.

Adapted from the acclaimed novel Kuessipan, Myriam Verreault’s first narrative feature was co-written with the novel’s First Nation Canadian author Naomi Fontaine. Kuessipan means “your turn” in the Innu language, a title chosen to mark the notion that it is the Innu people’s turn to tell their story.

(Myriam Verreault, Canada, 2019, 117 min, in French, with English subtitles)

Images courtesy of Max Films Media & Laurent Guerin. Click here for photo downloads and credits.

A poster for the film Kuessipan; the faces of two young Innu women are illustrated against a canary-yellow background

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