Local Sightings 2018 – BODIES (Experimental Shorts Program)

This event took place on Sep 27, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Visceral and thought-provoking, these gorgeous shorts study bodies in movement and in stillness, interacting with their surroundings on physical, intellectual and spiritual planes.

That's Why I Like It

(Sydney Southam, Vancouver, BC, 2018, 18 min)

This 3-channel experimental work features interviews and performances from 9 exotic dancers, and strives to understand what it means to be a feminist who is consensually objectified for a living.

Rivers of Nine

(Kiana Harris, Seattle, WA,  2018, 20 min)

A filmic interrogation of the western gender binary which elicits elements of spiritual cosmologies of black & African diasporic people [of all genders] that emerge from the Yoruba divine consciousness, Ifa and the Orisa (deities) that comprise it.


(Lael Rogers, Seattle, WA,  2018, 5 min)

Dance yourself free.

Bad Theology

(Samira Shifteh, Seattle, WA,  2018, 5 min)

A lyrical video featuring an original poem and dance choreography about faith and surviving domestic violence as a Black transgender person.


(Sharon Mann, Seattle, WA, 2018, 8 min)

“Aikido” is often translated as “The Way of Harmony.”  In this short B&W film, photographed in 1970, the filmmaker, herself a practitioner at the time, captures the grace, beauty, power and strength of this Japanese martial art.


(Lynne Siefert, Seattle, WA,  2016, 32 min)

Ark is a story about a cruise ship at the end of the world, and the strange habits and contemplations the vast nothingness awakens in its passengers. Caught in between contemplation of humanity’s decadent path and the elegant, interminable ocean, a peaceful yet troubling near-future world is born.

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