Local Sightings 2018 – Hard Laughs (Shorts Program)

This event took place on Sep 27, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Shorts that’ll either make you laugh so hard you cry, or laugh so you don’t cry.


(Ellie Harvie, Vancouver, BC, 2017, 10 min)

Cynthia and Amy venture into the woods to scatter a dear friend’s ashes, only to discover they have different ideas on what constitutes a proper farewell.

I Know How You Like Your Coffee

(L.Fried / Yeni Sleidi, Seattle, WA, 2018, 8 min)

Nat is waiting for a hot date to show up, but when an unwanted guest crashes the intended romantic evening, Nat is forced to reevaluate their approach to intimacy.

Choosing a Pebble that Pleases Your Baby

(Brett Hamil, Seattle, WA, 2017, 2 min)

Renowned parenting lifestyle guru Burl Dirkman imparts some hard-earned knowledge about baby aesthetics.

The Big Swing

(Ty Minton-Small, Seattle, WA, 2018, 20 min)

Dale and Becky’s swinger party takes a strange turn when a lone man arrives, breaking the most important rule of all: couples only.

Toss Me a Beer

(Chris Fleck Hernandez, Seattle, WA, 2017, 4 min)

When Henry asks Timmy to toss him a beer, some difficult old memories rise to the surface.

Caught Dead-Handed

(Peter Faint, Vancouver, BC, 2018, 9 min)

We enter the middle of a true crime docu-series about a high-profile murder, but everything is not as it seems.

Northern Belles, Episodes Four & Five: "The Virgin Dani" & "Bridesmaid Olympics"

(Christan Leonard, Seattle, WA, 2018, 30 min)

The cast of Northern Belles returns with a double feature. In “The Virgin Dani,”  A local sex columnist interviews Dani about her cookies and more. Alex and Julia attempt to go to a WNBA game. “Bridesmaid Olympics” follows Dani and Alex as they vie to be their friend’s Maid of Honor in a competition reminiscent of an episode 1990s-era American Gladiator.

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