Local Sightings 2018 – North by North Weird (Shorts Program)

This event took place on Sep 22, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Like a dark cloud crossing over the sun, these shorts send a chill and disturb your sense of comfort.

Do We Leave This Here

(Julia Hutchings, Vancouver, BC, 17 min)

A journalist travels to the Peace River Valley to report on the construction of a controversial dam that threatens to displace many in the area. The story is put on hold, however, when he gets trapped in the middle of a family conflict spurred by a love triangle and a drunken plan to set up a Christmas tree.

North & Nowhere

(Scott Ballard, Portland, OR, 2017, 12 min)

A woman decides that no risk is too great to save her aging father’s land from being taken away, even if it means taking up arms.we

The Son, The Father

(Lukas Hassel, Seattle, WA, 2017, 13 min)

When the strained relationship between a young boy and his mother hits a breaking point on his birthday, the consequences of their actions will have lifelong effects.

Go Missing

(Casey McFeron, Happy Valley, OR, 2018, 8 min)

Sandra’s attempts to reinvigorate her suburban life are met with little success. One day, she steps out for a run, needing a break from her dissatisfied marriage, but suddenly finds herself in an eerie and mysterious place, with no knowledge of why or how she got there.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

(Brendan Prost, Vancouver, BC, 2017, 11 min)

The paths of two melancholy people cross in the ominous landscape of Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains at dusk.

The Lightkeeper

(Zach Bandler, Medford, OR, 2017, 16 min)

Set in a remote lighthouse on the stormy coast, a reclusive old author invites a hardened young Marine to dine with him, and together the two find an unexpected version of family.

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