Local Sightings 2019 - Motion Reel: Dance Shorts Program

This event took place on Sep 22, 2019

** Tickets to this screening also get you into Frame by Frame: Dance Shorts Program at 8:00pm! **

$10 General Admission
$8 Student/Senior
$5 Member


A series of dance-centric short films featuring bodies in motion conversing with elements and environments.

** Co-presented with Cornish College of the Arts’ Screendance Program **

Screams of Sammamish

(Emma Lai, Seattle, WA, 1 min)

A solo at the edge of land and water.

This film was created as part of Cornish College of the Arts’ Dance Department course, Introduction to Screendance, Fall 2018.

Shaker Pond at Midnight

(Catriona Urquhart, Seattle, WA, 2 min)

A reverential introspection on the fleeting nature of the feeling of place.

This film was created as part of Cornish College of the Arts’ Dance Department course, Digital Dance Directed Studies.


(Kinsey De Folo, Marysville, WA, 3 min)

Alone in her parked car, a woman is overtaken by visions of a parallel world or perhaps her future self.

This film was created as part of Cornish College of the Arts’ Dance Department course, Digital Dance Directed Studies.


(Kiana Harris, Seattle, WA, 12 min)

The second installment of the AJE IJO Short Dance Film Series centers the humanity, resiliency, vulnerability of black & african diasporic people [of all genders], interrogating the western gender binary and interrupting accompanying notions of masculinity and femininity.


(Sasha Chudacoff, Crested Butte, CO, 8 min)

A dance and music collaboration between sisters exploring a coal mining site from the 1920’s where an iconic structure called the Gronk still stands. Body based dance research and song writing were translated based on the mining history of this place. The sisters collected stories and myths on Peanut and Pershing Mine from elders in Crested Butte, CO. Sasha developed gestures and movement themes from the mining stories and Sophia created lyrics and music. The Gronk overlooks spectacular views of Paradise Divide in the West Elk mountain range. The sights are beautiful and popular for outdoor recreation; however sadly still toxic. The land has only partially recuperated from destruction. Mosses are the first step in ecological restoration of toxic mine sites. Very few mosses are growing here. After land violence, how is spirit of place honored?

What If?

(Sharon Zweiback, Seattle, WA, 2 min)

An experimental dance short, exploring the unexplainable events that create power struggles between two people, which often aren’t equitable.

night shift

(Andrew Sobey, Seattle, WA, 2 min)

Part music/dance video, part photographic experiment, night shift captures dancers and the night sky over the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, set to original music by Andrew Joslyn.

Astrophotography sequences were photographed in fifteen second exposures, with four exposures per minute. Dancers Elise Walker and Megan Hauk moved in stop motion, holding poses for minutes at a time as the stars moved overhead. night shift cuts together these scenes, shot on a Forest Service road outside Ellensburg, Washington, with indoor dance video shot at Open Flight Studio in Seattle.

night shift presents dancing under the stars as you have never seen it before.

Going Nowhere

(Marcy Stone-Francois, Seattle, WA, 3 min)

Music video for Jenn Champion’s “Going Nowhere” featuring dancers Laura Aschoff and Markeith Wiley.


(Jeff Schick, Seattle, WA, 2018, 4 min)

HATCH is a short film that features experimental dance as a metaphor to the awakening of the self. The film is a creative partnership with the Alan Watts Organization, featuring the spoken word of the late British-American philosopher.

With its sci-fi undertones, the film features Italian-American movement artist Lavinia Vago as she explores her newly hatched, human body upon emerging from her chrysalis. Set to a symbolic backdrop of a womb, HATCH showcases visuals of a human’s transformation from birth to becoming a fully-functioning, fully-aware organism.

About Cornish Screendance Program

Screendance, or Dance Cinema, is distinguished from other film genres by its emphasis on the craft and composition of movement in the framed image, and through the articulate and intentional use of the camera in relationship to movement and choreography. A collection of contemporary dance films from students participating in the Screendance program at Cornish College of the Arts.

This course provides students with basic, hands-on experience preparing for, shooting, and editing a dance film. Students learn the vocabulary and general concepts involved in camera and video equipment use, video editing and dance composition for film, and gain a perspective on current and historic filmmaking through in-class analysis of contemporary dance films.

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