Moving History – Sticky Shed Syndrome

This event took place on Nov 11, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Series - Moving History


** Join us for happy hour at 4pm! A Q&A panel with representatives from participating institutions, moderated by MIPoPS Program Manager/Audiovisual Archivist Libby Hopfauf, will follow the screening **


Ever wonder what kind of video treasures are sequestered in the depths of places like MOHAI, the Wing Luke Museum, or Seattle Art Museum? Join Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound on Sunday, November 11th at the Forum and satisfy your curiosity!

In honor of Veteran’s Day, this segment of Moving History will be featuring video focused on military service and wartime events. Selections include:

  • New material from Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, featuring moving interviews with Japanese Americans who were forcibly relocated from the island during World War Two
  • From MOHAI’s Don Schmechel Oral History Collection, University of Washington professor Giovanni Costigan recounts the heady days of students protesting the Vietnam war on campus
  • From the private collection of Sigrid Campbell, veteran Col. Larry Campbell describes being the first African American pilot to fly a jet for the U.S. Air Force
  • Scarecrow Video Soviet War Stories tells the dramatic story of the Second World War from the perspective of the USSR
  • A 1943 film produced by Seattle’s Civilian Protection Division about its efforts to protect the City from an air raid (Seattle Municipal Archives)



MIPoPS (pronounced mee-pops) works with your favorite local libraries, museums, and archives to digitize the video treasures hidden in their collections. MIPoPS has the equipment and know-how to bring their old formats – ¾” U-matics, Betacam, DVCAM, LaserDiscs, VHS tapes, you name it – back to life. Partnerships between MIPoPS and local heritage organizations have brought hundreds of tapes from moldering, musty shelves back to the big (and small) screen! Video tape is a magnetic medium with a shelf life of less than 30 years. This means that any existing video tape is at critical risk of being lost to degradation – forever. MIPoPS is fighting the good fight against this magnetic media crisis, and they want to share the gems that they’ve discovered in the process!

For more information about MIPoPS, please visit their website.
To view video digitized by MIPoPS, check out their collection on Internet Archive.
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World War II: Soviet War Stories: The Great Exploit (1970)

from Scarecrow Video

Bombing of Seattle (1943)

Item 482, Record Series 2613-09, Seattle Municipal Archives

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