Mr. Frog

This event took place on Feb 4, 2017

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Anna van der Heide
1h 39m


US premiere!

For ages 8+

Sita adores her schoolteacher Mr. Frans, who sometimes changes into a frog. But the animal world is not without danger, and Sita soon finds herself in the position of being his protector. This endearing comedy-drama literally humanizes animals and inspires children to stand up against bullying. Mr. Frog is a moving fable with urgent themes for this day and age.

Notes to parents: Children and adults in the film ride bikes without helmets, and the climax of the film includes a scene of danger that may be too intense for the most sensitive young viewers.


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Shown with:

 (Loes Janssen, The Netherlands, live action, 2015, 15 min, in Dutch) West coast premiere! Sky is hard of hearing and struggles to be understood by his classmates — but does he understand them? Watch the trailer>


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