Pr0n 4 Freakz 2020

Fri Feb 14: 8.00pm PDT
Sat Jun 13: 7.00pm PDT [Online]
Sat Oct 24: 7.00pm PDT [Online]

Price: Pay what you can, in tiers from $5–25

  • highest tier comes with sexy Polaroid Prize Package! (please provide mailing address when you register)
  • limited tickets per tier
  • tickets must be purchased in advance up to an hour before start time

** This program features explicit sexual content and is intended for audiences 18+ **


Northwest Film Forum is SCREENING ONLINE! NWFF’s physical space is temporarily closed in light of public health concerns around COVID-19, but community, dialogue, and education through media arts WILL persist.

• • HOW TO WATCH • •

  • Click “Get Tickets” to visit our Eventive page for this program and reserve your pay-what-you-can ticket. (Highest tier gets the sexy Polaroid Prize Package!)
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  • If you’re purchasing before the Oct. 24 showtime, Eventive will automatically send you a reminder email when the livestream unlocks and will be ready for viewing. This program will be a ONE-TIME LIVESTREAM: Oct. 24 at 7pm Pacific is the ONLY time that you can watch it! Viewing takes place on the program’s Eventive page.
  • If you encounter any issues using the platform, you can troubleshoot them using Eventive’s help page.


Welcome to a Trans + Queer Smut Film Series!


ScumTrust Productions is a collective of genderqueer and trans creators building mythologies that celebrate queer desire. We seek to embrace the surreal sensuality in kink and bdsm while building collaborative structure to honor the multiply marginalized artists and workers at the center of this process. ScumTrust celebrates the campy, the ritualistic, the grimey, the indulgent, the gritty parts of sex, life and pleasure.


Each screening begins with a social and market, followed by a variety of erotic short films and concludes with a discussion. This film series is dedicated to building community while fostering accessible dialogue around sex, gender, sexuality, magic, porn, and bodies.

The Oct. 2020 program will be a ONE-TIME LIVESTREAM: Oct. 24 at 7pm Pacific is the ONLY time that you can watch it! Viewing takes place on Eventive.


“Ritual Waves” by Lina Bembe
“Lesbian Romp” by Tender Furiosa
“Pocky” by Evie Snax
“Foxy Strikes Back” by BEYONDEEP Productions
“Queer Porn Americana” by Chelsea Poe
“Hotel Hard 1” by ScumTrust Productions


The outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting distancing practices have created a wealth of digital adult content creators and a hunger among civilians for sexual entertainment. We’re choosing to present Pr0n 4 Freakz in June 2020 digitally. We want to hang with y’all and show off the hot goods of folks still hustling and creating a release and relief from the stress of current reality.

“Tits & Girldick” by Venus Selenite
“Redlight Spanking” by ScumTrust Productions
“Eat Me Outside” by BEYONDEEP Productions
“Worship Them” by ScumTrust Productions
“Clowning” by Cori + Jordi


  • “My Garage, My Rules” from Manon Praline
  • “Blue Probe” from Goddexx Cori
  • “Drowned Kittens” from EDIY Porn
  • “Beyondeep Directors Cut” from Beyondeep Productions
  • “Hogtied” from Aorta Films
  • “Mes Cheris” from Cute And Non

About the hosts:

Mx. Saira Barbaric

Mx. Saira Barbaric

Mx. Saira Barbaric is a genderpunk enby bully, a surrealist slutmonster and multimedia artfag. Whether wrestling, filmmaking or partying, Saira loves excess and savors every step to get there.

Alistair Fyrn

Alistair Fyrn

Alistair Fyrn is a multifaceted creator and filthy mucky pig often to be found amongst rocks and upon mossy hillsides. Rolling in the dirt, not breathing, being inspired by emotions and a solid paddling are a few of their favorite things.

About the organizer:

ScumTrust Productions

ScumTrust is a collective of queer, trans & nonbinary monsters in pursuit of exhibiting their inner demons, embracing surreal darkness and exploring woodland mythologies. They seek to probe the depths of power dynamics and to show the transformative magic of joyous bizarre BDSM. They celebrate the lusty, the grimy, the ridiculous, the gritty, and the grotesque.

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