Puget Soundtrack: Hair and Space Museum Presents THX 1138

This event took place on Apr 20, 2017

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Series - Puget Soundtrack

Live Music

Live music!


DJ Explorateur at 7pm in the lobby!

“THX 1138 presents an aesthetically immersive pastiche of a sterile techno-dystopia drawing on the aesthetics of Kubrick but predating its more famous successors Blade Runner, Tron, and Logan’s Run. Attempting to explore the terrain of self-discovery in the context of a totalitarian consumer/surveillance society, the film is a flawed yet charming product of its time, and its particular failures and blind spots are as instructive as its successes.” – David Golightly

“The first time I saw THX 1138, my reaction was, “George Lucas made this movie?!” It has its heavy-handed bits, to be sure, but the central conceit—that the suppression of the erotic in the service of consumer culture yields explosive consequences—remains fresh and endlessly relevant. I also greatly appreciate that THX was made before every movie in its genre felt the need to use the Blade Runnerpalette. It’s a visually beautiful film; perfect for this kind of exploration.” – Emily Pothast

Hair and Space Museum is the duo of Emily Pothast and David Golightly, also the co-founders of the band Midday Veil and the record label Translinguistic Other. Rooted in a lush, textural interplay of analog synthesizer and human voice, HSM performances weave the organic with the mechanical to probe the generative, cosmic properties of sound.

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