Puget Soundtrack: Tim Held Presents Predator

This event took place on Sep 19, 2015

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

John McTiernan
1h 47m
Series - Puget Soundtrack


Just east of North Bend on Interstate-90 there is a large exposed rock face that is covered in some sort of neon-green slime. It is likely moss or some sort of botanical organism, but there is an outside chance that my darkest childhood fears are true and it is actually the Predator’s blood.


The movie Predator has always had a special place in my heart. It is my earliest recollection of irrational fear. The titular, multi-mandibled monster was largely responsible for my inability to get a wink of sleep on family camping trips. Between him, the gray men and Sasquatch my juvenile monkey-mind raced with fantastical scenarios that always began with the canvas of my tent slowly tearing open. He even had me in his triad of red dots when at friends’ houses for sleepovers. His clicky vocalizations echoed in the distance as I called my mom “Can you come get me? I don’t feel well.” Lies.
As I have gotten older the terror has subsided a bit and made way for fanatical awe. As a fan of Sci-fi, Horror and Action I can think of very few movies that hit the mark as well as Predator. Aside from Alien, I don’t think there are any worthy contenders. So when I was presented with the opportunity to build a new score for 1987’s best movie I was beyond elated.
My plan of attack in regards to updating the score will be cemented in respect. I have no intention of, nor do I think I can outdo the original. Instead my hope is to maintain the sonic aesthetic of my previous work while inducing some of the emotions that the movie has given and continues to give me after all these years.
-Tim Held

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