Ready to Roll: Youth Filmmakers at Northwest Film Forum

This event took place on May 27, 2019

FREE Screening!



Monday, May 27th, 2:00-2:45pm

SIFF Film Center 305 Harrison St. Seattle, WA 98109

This program is part of the Northwest Folklife 2019 Cultural Focus: Youth RisingYouth Rising celebrates and amplifies youth voices from around the region. In partnership with regional youth organizations, this program builds a larger platform, both locally and nationally, to amplify these youth voices across our nation. As folk is “for the people, by the people” this Cultural Focus and our year-round events are built “for and by the youth.” Check out the full schedule of workshops, performances and events here!

This screening will show films created by youth during filmmaking programs at NWFF.

Imagination Animations
Stop motion animations direct from the minds of the next generation of creatives.
Created by: Imagination Animation Campers

Special Effects Showcase
A reality-defying compilation of short experimental special effects films.
Created by: Making the Impossible students

Sherlock Jr.
A youth retelling of Buster Keaton’s famous film, Sherlock Jr.
Created by: Classic Film Campers

Where are we?
A buddy adventure film inspired by the films of Karel Zeman, which combine live action and animation.
Created by: Classic Film Campers

Gates Hotel
A hotel patron is confused by an unexpected guest in this horror comedy.
Created by: Ainsley Cowan, Dylan Magdziarz, & Patrick Borden

The Reality of Horror
Alex convinces Dylan to see what will be either a terrifyingly boring film, or film full of terrifying boredom. The real question is, will they ever be able to leave the theater?
Created during a Coyote Central Filmmaking camp at NWFF

Entamaphobia is the fear of doors. This experimental film invites viewers to examine their relationship to doors.
Director: Oliver Mazner, Created during a Coyote Central Filmmaking camp at NWFF

Citizen Minutes summer camp productions, 2018.
Students studied media analysis and production techniques through an anti-oppression lens. They then worked in teams to write, shoot and edit short films over this two-week camp.

A sitcom-style comedy that explores bi identity
Created by: Jacob Kenner, Isaiah Dziko, Henry Kinskey

A Conversation about Anxiety
Youth and adults have real conversations about living with anxiety.

Created by: Mason Ross, Venatcha Comesongsri, Elle Vonada

Ally Vs. Accomplice
A PSA that explains these two important terms.
Created by: Jimena Salazar, Benjamin Tobin, Aidan Cousseau

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