Seattle Turkish Film Festival 2021 – Short Film Program [In-Person Only]

This event took place on Dec 5, 2021

$10 General Admission
$7 Student/Child/Senior/Member

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NWFF patrons will be required to wear face coverings while in the building. To be admitted, patrons ages 12+ will also be required to present EITHER proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR a negative result from a COVID-19 test administered within the last 48 hours by an official testing facility.

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The 8th edition of our most eagerly anticipated event, STFF Shorts Program Festival Selection, will showcase 10 short films by contemporary filmmakers of Turkish origin.

This event will include two sessions separated by a 15 min. intermission.

Short film program:

First session (84 minutes):

Subordinate (Madun)

(Ali Cabbar, Turkey, 2020, 20 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

Serhad works with a man who runs an illegal operation and falls in love with a woman who has come to the country illegally.

Beautiful Weather (Güzel Havalar)

(Okan Akgün, Turkey, 2021, 11 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

Rıfat lives with his mother and keeps to his routine. He works as a lost and found clerk and station announcer in a metro station in İstanbul. When Filiz comes to Rıfat’s room to retrieve her lost phone, she forgets a poetry book in the room this time. After their meeting, Rıfat begins to see his life in a new light.

Everything As It Should Be (Her Şey Olması Gerektiği Gibi)

(Onat Esenman, Turkey, 2019, 16 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

The life of Saffet, an upper middle class man in his 40s, changes drastically when he sees Rüya for the first time, his neighbor’s underage, beautiful, and edgy daughter, in the apartment corridor.

The Criminals (Les Criminels)

(Serhat Karaaslan, Turkey, 2020, 23 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

Nazlı and Emre are a young, modern couple who love each other and seek pleasure. Sexuality is not a taboo for them. They freely and joyfully desire and enjoy one other. Their only obstacle is others.

Brigitte Bardot

(Çağıl Bocut, Turkey, 2020, 14 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

A modern Turkish family is expecting an exchange student from France to accompany their shy 10-year-old daughter for the summer. Not only will she practice French, but also finally have a friend. When the expected visitor arrives, the family is surprised to learn that the boy’s name is Hafid and frustrated that he is not “French” enough.

Second session (93 minutes):


(Sami Morhayim, Turkey, 2021, 18 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

A Turkish-Jewish family faces a series of dilemmas on the morning of Susam’s bar-mitzvah ceremony with the limitations of Shabbat day rules when Susam locks himself in his room and refuses to come out for his ceremony.


(Scott Aharoni & Dennis Latos, US, 2021, 17 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

In present day Queens, New York, a Turkish gravedigger is unable to face a shattering truth, and risks losing the dearest connection left in his life. As New York City deals with the ravaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yusuf, a 45-year-old immigrant, struggles to make ends meet and care for Renk, his 11-year-old daughter.

Same Night Different Blue (Aynı Gecenin Laciverti) – 2nd Runner Up

(Nuri Cihan Özdoğan, Turkey, 2021, 15 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

In present-day Turkey, an old antiquarian owns a stamp from a letter sent by Adolf Hitler to Turkey during World War II. Kadir, an ex-accomplice of Yagmur who has sworn off stealing, is after the stamp, which is worth millions. He just has to persuade Yagmur to carry through with his plan.

The Great Istanbul Depression (Büyük İstanbul Depresyonu) – 1st Runner Up

(Zeynep Dilan Süren, Turkey & Japan, 2020, 20 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

Though it has been a while since they graduated from university, Didem and Ayse aren’t able to find a job. This transitional moment of stepping into adulthood and the need to make money stretches and lingers for them, each day not much different from the one before.

Kısmet – Jury Award Winner

(Emre Sert & Gözde Yetişkin, Turkey, 2020, 24 min, in Turkish with English subtitles)

Gamze wants to marry her boyfriend, Emrah, but her father doesn’t consent to their marriage because Emrah is Alawite. When Gamze invites Emrah to dinner to present him to her father, he refuses to let him into the house. Tensions rise when her father’s manager and his wife unexpectedly knock on the door, aiming to help Gamze to persuade her father.

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