Terrore Giallo! – Short Night of Glass Dolls

This event took place on Nov 15, 2017

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Aldo Lado
1h 37m
Series - Terrore Giallo!


** Screening as part of the series Terrore Giallo! Italian Thrillers as Anti-Kyriarchal Dream Agents **

The corpse of reporter Gregory Moore is found in a Prague plaza and brought to the local morgue. But Moore is actually alive, trapped inside his dead body and desperately recalling how the mysterious disappearance of his beautiful girlfriend (Barbara Bach) led to a terrifying conspiracy of depravity. Can a reporter with no visible signs of life solve this perverse puzzle before he meets his ultimate deadline? Short Night of Glass Dolls is a slow nightmare of dissonant, youthful energy being orgiastically consumed by state power. As our Scarecrow Video comrade Matt Lynch has observed, “the giallo-staple sinister sex cult here is a stand-in for not just good old ingrained fascism and/or sexual paranoia but specifically post-Prague Spring Communism and power’s ability to co-opt dissent. No, really.” An under-appreciated masterpiece of the genre in which solving the mystery only leads to further psychic ruptures and deeper, darker nightmares.

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