Puget Soundtrack: Cabana presents Microcosmos

Nov 20, 2014

(Claude Nuridsany, Marie PĂ©rennou, Switzerland, 1996, 35mm, 72 min)

Live music!
35mm print!

Cabana welcomes you to the microcosmos. Behold the exhilarating, alien world of insect life in a French meadow, teeming with activity. Bees collect nectar, ladybugs devour mites, snails copulate, spiders ensnare prey, a scarab beetle battles up a hill, endless lines of caterpillars march on and an underwater spider builds a home out of an air bubble. Stunning close ups are captured using macroscopic, slow motion and time-lapse photography. Impish humor, riveting drama and carnal violence abound. 

Our new Music Movies series, Puget Soundtrack, invites Seattle musicians and bands to create a live score for a film of their choosing. In November we feature Cabana, a four piece band from Seattle, formed in 2012. The group plays rock with psychedelic and shoegaze leanings, influenced by Spacemen 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth.

Special ticket pricing: $15 ($12 for Film Forum Members).

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