Puget Soundtrack: Ecstatic Cosmic Union presents The Dark Crystal

Mar 19, 2016

Live score!
7pm happy hour in the lobby with DJ Explorateur 
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Jim Henson Company

**Free screening of Fraggle Rock & Dinosaur Egg episodes at 4:30pm**

Seattle duo Ecstatic Cosmic Union make self­-described “soundtracks for mind­-movies” -- ­­layered synth drones for inner­space exploration and lo­fi cosmic dub to fuel dance parties in the outer realms. Given the chance to create a soundtrack for an existing film, the Jim Henson fantasy The Dark Crystal was their top choice.

The film takes us on a mystical quest in which the alignment of planets and the energies of a magic crystal influence events on the mythical planet Thra, which has been overtaken by dark forces, though glimmers of an earlier time of harmony remain.

“The visual beauty of the film’s otherworldly landscape and ornate architecture, its use of esoteric symbolism, and incorporation of alien astrology were all sources of inspiration for us. The spare pacing and sparse dialogue also seemed like a good fit for our music and for a project of this naturee thought we could really use music as a narrative element. Though made with puppets, the film doesn’t pander to it’s audience and the story feels almost like an allegory for our current era. As Ecstatic Cosmic Union we are making music for the world we hope becomes manifest, but first we must unite our consciousness.” -Ecstatic Cosmic Union

Special Ticket Pricing: $15 General, $12 for Film Forum Members


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