VOD IRL is a series of video-on-demand screenings produced in the movie theater, with filmmakers and special guests in attendance. As audiences continue to migrate online, VOD IRL represents an experiment in creative adaptation to a changing industry.


Bob Birdnow's Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self

Seattle premiere! 
Filmmakers in attendance! 
Hosted after party at Vermillion
Co-presented with Fandor

Nov 17, 2015

(Eric Steele, 2013, United States, 78 min)

"One day, on a flight from Cedar Rapids to Dallas, I opened up my laptop and thought, 'If I were pulled into another 'motivational conference’ somewhere in the Midwest, what could somebody say that would actually change my life?' Thus writer-director Eric Steele began to pen Bob Birdnow, an experimental endeavor in deconstructing both the concept of the motivational speech and the format of the feature length film.