Áberandi og bitastæðar: Women in Icelandic Cinema

Jan 26 - Mar 8, 2020
2 Films


In 2018 a report issued by Statistics Iceland shed light on the marked gender gap in Icelandic film production. Of the almost 200 films printed domestically from 1949—when the first Icelandic full-length feature premiered—to 2017, nearly all have been directed by men. Only one out of every ten films produced in Iceland was directed by a woman and since 2010 only 6% of films have been helmed by women directors. Further, from 1980 to 2012, 87% of the Icelandic Film Centre’s funding went to men, with only 15% of films supported featuring women in leading roles (including acting, writing, producing, or directing). This film series takes these statistics as motivating fact, choosing to highlight works by some of Iceland’s finest women directors.

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