Filmmaker Toolkits – PRODUCTION

Aug 25 - Aug 29, 2021
4 Workshops


The Production Toolkit features critical guidance for the most frantic phase of filmmaking; production, when all the wheels are turning, the calls and emails really start to fly, and you suddenly find yourself corralling countless cadres of cast and crew.


Each Filmmaker Toolkit series is comprised of four separately ticketed consultation sessions.

  • Single-session registration: $125*

Series passes are available for access to all four sessions!

  • Series pass: $400*


Each session has one keynote speaker, with their own Zoom meeting date and time. Sessions begin with a ~15-minute presentation by the keynote speaker, followed by questions and free-form discussion among the speaker and the group.


* A limited number of scholarship seats are available in each session. Email vivian ({[at}]) nwfilmforum ({[dot}]) org with inquiries!

Featured Speakers

Writer-director Megan Griffiths advises on working with actors, writer-director Wes Hurley gives notes on assembling and unifying a filmmaking team, Celia Beasley parses out the particulars of editing and feedback solicitation, and Tony Becerra talks shop about prep techniques for your project and set etiquette.

Aug. 25 at 7:30pm PT – Techniques for Editing & Soliciting Feedback with Celia Beasley

Celia Beasley

Celia Beasley

FB: celia.beasley.7

Celia Beasley grew up in Oakland, CA to a sculptor father and French tour-guide mother. After attending Barnard College in NYC, she moved to Paris where she worked in photojournalism and then television journalism, where she got her first look at an editing system back in 1999.

Celia spent the next 2 decades working on documentaries, short films, televisions series and commercials, and editing feature films for Seattle’s independent film community such as Megan Griffiths’ NIGHTSTALKER (2016 SIFF World Premiere), SJ Chiro’s LANE 1974 (2017 SXSW World Premiere) which received the Grand Jury Award for New American Cinema at SIFF, Lynn Shelton’s OUTSIDE IN (2017 TIFF World Premiere; 2018 SXSW US Premiere), and Megan Griffiths’ SADIE (2018 SXSW World Premiere). She spent a year traveling all over the world with her husband and two children. She lives in Seattle.

Aug. 29 at 11am PT – Effective Prep Techniques & Set Etiquette with Tony Becerra (DGA)

Tony Becerra (he/him)

Tony Becerra (he/him)

Assistant Director & Producer
FB: tony.becerra.501 IG: becerra_ad

Tony Becerra has been a Freelance Assistant Director for more than 21 years. Seattle & Los Angeles based, but working worldwide on commercials, feature films, television series like Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, and Three Busy Debras. He has also expanded his role on set as a producer on series such as JourneyQuest and Co Producer of the Sundance premiere of Fran Kranz’s MASS. He has been a long time advocate for more work in Washington, and believes strongly in inclusion in film.

Aug. 29 at 10am PT – Advice on Working with Actors from Megan Griffiths

Megan Griffiths

Megan Griffiths

Writer & Director: Lucky Them, Eden
FB/IG: thecinechick

Megan Griffiths is a writer/director working in film and television. She has directed shows for HBO, EPIX, TNT, Hulu, USA, Fox, Netflix and Amazon. Prior to this, she wrote and directed SADIE, which stars Melanie Lynskey, John Gallagher Jr, Danielle Brooks and Tony Hale, and features breakout performances from its young stars Sophia Mitri Schloss and Keith L. Williams, and premiered at the 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival. She also created the thriller THE NIGHT STALKER, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as serial killer Richard Ramirez, which premiered on Lifetime Television. Her film LUCKY THEM, starring Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church and Johnny Depp, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was distributed by IFC Films. Griffiths’ film EDEN, based on the true story of a young woman captured into the world of human trafficking, was a breakout at SXSW 2012, winning the Emergent Narrative Director Award, the Audience Award for Narrative Feature as well as a Special Jury Prize for lead actress Jamie Chung.

Griffiths’ feature THE OFF HOURS, distributed by Film Movement, premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Additionally, Griffiths has produced several other projects including the Sundance absurdist buddy comedy THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM, as well as YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, directed by the late Lynn Shelton, Griffiths’s close friend and frequent collaborator. Griffiths and Shelton also co-wrote a feature for This American Life, and together with producer Gregg Fienberg sold an original pitch to HBO. Griffiths was recently invited to join the director’s branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. In her adopted hometown of Seattle, Griffiths was the recipient of the 2012 Stranger Genius Award for Film, was named the 2013 City Arts Film Artist of the Year, and received the 2015 Seattle Mayor’s Award for Film. She serves on the board of Northwest Film Forum and is an active advocate for sustainable production.

Aug. 28 at 10am PT – Pulling Your Team Together with Wes Hurley

Wes Hurley

Wes Hurley

Writer & Director: Potato Dreams of America
FB: wes.hurley.92 IG: potatohurley

Wes Hurley was born Vasili Naumenko in Vladivostok, Soviet Union. Hurley studied drama, interdisciplinary arts and film at the University of Washington. He has written, directed and produced dozens of award-winning shorts, three feature films and two seasons of “Capitol Hill,” a series he created for Huffington Post which went on to be picked up for television in Europe and Canada. Hurley is a recipient of Creative Capital Award, Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture Award, City Arts Magazine‘s Artist of the Year and Advocate Magazine‘s Person to Watch. His documentary short Little Potato won Jury Prize at SXSW along with 27 other awards around the world. Hurley’s autobiographical comedy Potato Dreams of America premiered at SXSW 2021 in Narrative Feature Competition.

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