Time (Dis)Oriented: Radical Queer Pasts, Presents, and Futures

Jun 5 - Jun 23, 2024
3 Films


Co-presented by Fruitbowl; programmed by Cole Wilder

At its core, queerness celebrates and encourages alternative ways of being in hopes of forging a new path to a better, happier, life. In film, this attitude has been reflected throughout the history of queer representation and creation in a wide variety of ways, influenced by the time and place in which films, and the people who made them, exist. Especially in our current sociopolitical climate, it’s more crucial than ever to imagine and build the queer future we want in order to not only survive, put prosper as a collective.

This series features three films that present widely different perspectives on creating a queer identity in film across time. Whether it be in their form or content, all of these films present a radical shift in understanding the ways we create identities and connections with other people that have the power to make great positive change, while rejecting old, oppressive ways of being.

Films in this series:


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