Takeaways - Foley Sound

This event took place on Dec 14, 2019

This workshop has been canceled. Stay tuned for workshops like this and more during Children’s Film Festival Seattle, Feb. 28-Mar. 8.

$45 Tuition
$30 Film Forum Members


Duration: 5h
Instructor: L Fried, Lise Bengson


Age Range: middle and high school students

Takeaways is an ongoing series of youth workshops with a focus on creative editing and production tools and techniques.

In this workshop, students will learn how to create, record and edit foley sound effects for a short film. Together the class will design sound effects using various everyday objects for a selected short film. They’ll learn how to perform and record the effects in time to the film using professional microphones, then work together to layer the sounds in Premiere and create a bed of sound for the film. 

What people are saying in this workshop:
“Oh my god, it sounds TERRIBLE! Like a creepy door opening in a horror film.”
– Delphine, student filmmaker, summer 2019

Experience level: Beginner to intermediate. 
Equipment and Software: All equipment and software provided. Editing will be done in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Location:  Northwest Film Forum, in Capitol Hill

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Northwest Film Forum
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Seattle, WA 98122

206 329 2629

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