Longest Night: Solstice Ceremony 2021

Tue Dec 21, 2021
6:30pm – 11:59pm PST
(5:30pm Doors)

Sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can; no one turned away for lack of funds.
• $11 • $22 • $33 • $99 • $333 • $1111 •

Much more programming to be announced!

Series - Live Shows


Enter a waking dream as Northwest Film Forum’s space is transformed in celebration of the longest night of 2021. Full of music performances, guided movement, wellness activities, participatory rituals, and countless inventions culled from subconscious states, LONGEST NIGHT is a communally-minded, staff-invented, season-inspired Solstice party that brings light to the liminal space of the year’s darkest day.

This is a going-away party for NWFF Executive Director Vivian Hua, who departs the organization the end of January 2022! It is serves as a collective year-end birthday party for Sagittarius and Capricorn folx! If you would like to participate in the festivities and have a birthday this season, please e-mail vivian@nwfilmforum.org to see how you can get involved.

Communal Experiences in the Lobby

Woozy (Movement Guided by Matt Drews)

Woozy is a moving meditation that disrupts and reorders isolation. It’s designed for all bodies to separate from stagnation and move into spacious embodiment. Through the raw freedom of our bodies moving we reach towards ecstatic states. We aim for the liminal, a dreamy seam of trance that awakens the flesh and unwinds the mind. You’ll be guided through a series of poetic cues and become a conduit for many textures, images, states, and rhythms. Get wooz’d out, fade into wholeness, and ride a lucid groove towards healing and connection.

Textured Sounds by Succubass (soundcloud.com/succubass)

Photo by Stefano Altamura (instagram.com/salt.photo)

Guided by Matt Drews

Guided by Matt Drews


Matt Drews is a Seattle-based artist who harnesses yoga + dance as rituals toward communal immersion. His creative roles oscillate as connector, producer, teacher, and performer. He also works individually with clients through an integrative healing approach weaving massage, breathwork, and Reiki.

Closing Event: Sound Bath by Nicole Marie Vallestero Keenan

Nicole Marie Vallestero Keenan is a sound healer, intuitive coach, seer and musician who comes from a lineage of Filipino and Irish seers, healers and musicians. Her work connects to the heart of the matter through music, conversation and meditation to bring you from where you are to an entirely new place. Informed by her own journey to recover from burn-out from working in the nonprofit sector, she shares practices that helped her find moments of connection, belonging, a sense of groundedness and peace in the storm. At the end of the longest night, 12/21/21, Nicole will hold a sound bath and ceremony to ground us in our hearts, give gratitude to the earth, and step into the next cycle as the seasons shift from fall to winter. For more info please visit tala.earth.

From 7:00pm to 9:30pm, Nicole Marie Vallestero Keenan is also offering a small number of intuitive readings at a sliding scale, pay-what-you-can rate, between $20 to $40. Signups will be available at 30-minute intervals. Please stay tuned for registrations, which can be paid through Venmo: @nicolesoundtherapy

Cinema 1: Music Performances

Crystal Quartez

Crystal Cortez is a sound & installation artist based out of Portland Oregon. She is also a professor of Creative Coding & Sonic arts at Portland Community College. As someone who never saw herself represented in computer music or creative tech her work focuses on the empowerment of underserved populations gaining access and knowledge around technology. In 2019 she co founded whateverSpace, a maker space offering free and sliding scale workshops and technology rentals with priority going to the BIPOC community. Under her performance moniker Crystal Quartez she transforms field recordings, uses synthesis, audio programming, data sonification, and 3D sound spatialization to produce complex sonic realms. Her practice has recently involved the development of interactive sculptural interfaces and wearable technology that monitor movement and other corporeal methods to liberate the performer from their interfaces.

allotrope ijk is a multimedia art collective based out of Seattle, WA. It was formed in 2019 to create live video performance tools for audio visual experiences. The collective has actively worked to film and document eurorack performances in the Seattle area for the last two years.

For Longest Night 2021, allotrope ijk will perform in a special quadraphonic mix in collaboration with fellow modular artists Demetrius Patin and Raica in Cinema 1.


Artist statement:
I make music with the intent of turning sound into an emotional experience.

Readings & More in the Workshop Room

Intuitive Readings w/ Thumper Donnelly

Intuitive Readings w/ Thumper Donnelly


Thumper is a transformational psychic intuitive. Her services include, intuitive life coaching, psychic readings, past lives and more. For almost two decades she has provided clarity to her clients and has helped empower them to navigate all that life brings to the table. Thumper lovingly and confidentially helps those looking to reconnect with their higher selves and rediscover the joy and wonderment life has to offer.

More information on signups will be coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Tarot Readings w/ Nicole Marie Vallestero Keenan

Tarot Readings w/ Nicole Marie Vallestero Keenan


From 7:00pm to 9:30pm, Nicole Marie Vallestero Keenan is also offering a small number of intuitive readings at a sliding scale, pay-what-you-can rate, between $20 to $40.

Signups will be available at 30-minute intervals. Please stay tuned for registrations, which can be paid through Venmo: @nicolesoundtherapy

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