Mourning Sickness Vol. 1 – Mommie Dearest [In-Person Only]

Sunday, July 17:

7pm doors
8pm pre-show entertainment
8:30pm Mommie o'clock!

$17 General Admission
$13 Member/Student/Senior

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Visiting Artist

Don’t FUCK with me FELLAS!

Faye Dunaway stars as the biggest mother of them all: Joan Crawford. As she clutches at the pearls of her status as Hollywood Royalty, racing to keep from being phased out of the scene, Joan adopts a baby girl in the hopes of breathing new life into her public image. As her darling angel Christina Crawford begins to grow up, mother and daughter begin to butt heads, and the flames of family drama are fanned into an outright inferno. The ultimate exercise in camp, glamour, and deliciously wicked acting, Mommie Dearest is a definitive cult classic.

(Frank Perry, US, 1981, 128 min, in English)
Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.

About this series:

Obsessed with cult cinema but lack an altar to worship at? Have you ever cried out “If anybody needs to make a call, I’ve got a phone!” – only for others to think you’ve gone cuckoo bananas? Would the image of Cher blown up over a 50ft screen absolutely shock and delight you? Seattle drag superstar Monday Mourning feels the same exact way, and is ready to take our divine fixations to new and exciting heights by joining forces with Northwest Film Forum to bring you MOURNING SICKNESS: a quarterly showcase of essential cult & camp classics dusted off and brought back to life once more across the silver screen, featuring pre-show drag entertainment that will leave you looking camp right in the eye.

Showing up in your best “Versayce” is encouraged, and devotion to the silver screen is an absolute requirement.

Turn off your brains, grab some popcorn and enjoy the sickness – it’s showtime!

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