Puget Soundtrack: Erin Jorgensen presents Suspiria

This event took place on Oct 27, 2017


$16 General Admission
$13 Member

(Dario Argento, Italy, 1977, 98 min)

Series - Puget Soundtrack

On Film

Recently unearthed, uncut Italian 35mm print!

Visiting Artist

** Suspiria lead actress JESSICA HARPER will introduce this show!! **

Live Music

Live score by local marimba maestro Erin Jorgensen!


The night of her arrival in Germany, an American ballet student braves a harrowing storm only to find herself swept into a calamitous downward spiral of horror, mystery, murder, and witchcraft at her new dance school. Erin Jorgensen provides an original score for Dario Argento’s beloved cult classic as part of Puget Soundtrack, the Forum’s series of live score commissions.

“Even horror movie non-fans like me can’t deny the power of Argento. Suspiria was the first Argento film I ever saw. I was instantly mesmerized by this sinister (and mildly goofy) fairy-tale infused with technicolor blood and primal fears, dripping with super-saturated, gorgeous colors.

The idea of doing a live soundtrack to Suspiria came in my head this summer, and the newly released 35mm version made for cosmically-witchy perfect timing. Also, as a girl myself I have plenty of experience with feminine “witchcraft,” sex, and blood. I’m curious to find out what sort of music emerges from my subconscious. ;~)

I’m a big fan of the iconic soundtrack by Italian prog-rock band Goblin (though I’ve had to impose an aural blackout for obvious reasons). I’m certainly not trying to improve on the original, but a one-night version complete with amplified marimba, whispering/screamed vocals, percussion, and glittering electronica sounds fun as hell. The Halloween timing is the icing on the cake.”

– Erin Jorgensen

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