Fog City Cinema – Big Trouble in Little China

This event took place on Aug 18, 2019

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

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John Carpenter
1h 39m


Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a big-talking, wisecracking truck driver suddenly hurled into a wild adventure. At the root of it is Lo Pan (James Hong), a 2,000-year-old evil magician who rules an empire of spirits beneath San Francisco’s Chinatown. Doomed to a fleshless existence, he can only be saved by a green-eyed Asian beauty (go figure!). When the fiancée (Suzee Pai) of Jack’s friend (Dennis Dun) is kidnapped by Lo Pan’s minions, Jack goes to the rescue. He finds himself dodging demons, grappling with goblins and facing baffling terrors like the Room of the Upside-Down Hell as he battles his way through the labyrinth of Lo Pan’s dark domain.

Description courtesy of film website.

Curator's statement:

I first saw this electrifying ’80s classic when I was nine years old and it blew my tiny, child brain. The pure adrenaline rush of Big Trouble created a burning desire within my little kid heart to seek out this City of Wonders and my own crazy adventures. My adventures usually involve less run-ins with ancient curses and sewer monsters, but nevertheless, this movie inspired me to traverse the realms of imagination, and I am forever grateful to my father for not turning it off and making me go to bed.

— Erin O. Kay

Fog City Cinema is a series curated by local Art Director Erin O. Kay, who won the opportunity to program a summer series at auction during Northwest Film Forum's 2019 annual gala.

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