Future//Present – The Intestine

This event took place on Apr 5, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Lev Lewis
1h 11m

Visiting Artist

** Lead actress Melanie Scheiner in attendance! **


** Co-presented with the Seattle chapter of the Alliance of Professional Performers Northwest! Kate Kraay of APP-NW Seattle will facilitate the post-screening Q&A with Melanie Scheiner **


In Lev Lewis’ haunting debut feature The Intestine, home might not exactly be where the heart is.

After a one-night stand, a young woman named Maya wakes up all alone in a luxurious suburban house. Her lover is nowhere to be found. She takes advantage of the amenities on her own and grows accustomed to the pleasurable solitude of her adopted abode, a relief from the rundown place she shares with her drug-addicted mother. As days go by, she settles in and even befriends a chic new socialite neighbor, but when the missing man’s sister swings by, things start to get complicated. Desperate to escape her reality, Maya will do whatever it takes to claim the domestic paradise as her own.

A biting character portrait about belonging nowhere, underscored with a distinctly millennial malaise, The Intestine has a gripping, uneasy mood that is amplified by writer-director-composer Lewis’ own breathtaking musical score and the alternately cool and impressionistic cinematography of Nikolay Michaylov. The film intelligently draws connections between identity, status and place as inseparable components of the modern human condition.

“The most daring and original Future//Present selection, however, was the one that did away with convention altogether. The Intestine, a hauntingly beautiful work by Toronto-based Lev Lewis, is a work that thrives on its ability to confound while instilling genuine curiosity as to its intent and possible meanings.” – Jordan Cronk, Cinema Scope

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