Local Sightings 2018 – Light of the Land (Shorts Program)

This event took place on Sep 22, 2018

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Multi-faceted documentaries exploring the complex relationship between people and the lands they call home.

Sky Migrations

(Charles Post, Forest Woodward & Max Lowe, Bozeman, MT, 2017, 15 min)

Each fall our skies fill with the wings of migrating raptors, a migration that relies on two hemisphere’s worth of wild and healthy ecosystems. In his film, ecologist and filmmaker, Charles Post, shines a light on the network of backcountry scientists and sentinels at the front lines of raptor conservation.


(Timothy McGuire, Seattle, WA, 2018, 5 min)

A man who is frustrated by the clamor of the city travels to a place that is virtually free of human noise.

State of Fish

(Eirik McGrady, Hoodsport, WA, 2018, 7 min)

This observational documentary follows two conservation scientists seeking to restore endangered steelhead salmon runs in the river tributaries of Hood Canal Washington.

All the Way to the Plate of the President

(Nils Cowan & Steve Hyde, Seattle,WA, 2017, 7 min)

A look into a Pacific Northwest farm owned by a Dutch immigrant and the closeness he feels to his Mexican and Central American migrant workers illuminates the strength of small scale alliances in the era of Trump determined to uphold the timeless notion of the greatness of a nation of immigrants.

Una exposición de la realidad de una granja en el noroeste pacífico de dueño holandés confirma la resiliencia del espíritu inmigrante de los Estados Unidos mientras va detallando la fuerte relación entre él y sus trabajadores inmigrantes de México y Centroamérica.  En la época de Trump, nos entrega algo de fé en cuanto a las alianzas hechas entre inmigrantes de lugares distantes y dentro de las zonas rurales de este país.

Happy Earth Day to You

(Abigail Hagan, Seattle,WA, 2018, 2 min)

A couple hikes to Barclay Lake to celebrate Earth Day and embrace the natural beauty of Washington State.


(Ariana Carolina C.M., Beaverton, WA, 2018, 7 min)

Following the stories of two internationally separated couples looking for new lives abroad, Loverseas celebrates the resiliency of love of home, family and defiance in the face of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Siguiendo los cuentos de dos parejas separadas por fronteras internacionales que buscan nuevas oportunidades en el extranjero, “Loverseas” celebra la resistencia del amor de la patria, la familia y rebeldía en la faz de la crisis económica y política de Venezuela.

Her Room by the Kitchen

(Romina Romero-Hermoso, Seattle, WA, 2018, 12 min)

An inspiring story about the life of an intelligent, well educated Mexican immigrant and current nanny in Seattle gives a window into the life of a fighter determined to make something better for those she loves from afar.

Un cuento inspirante sobre la vida de una inteligente inmigrante Mexicana de buena educación que se convierte en niñera nos ofrece una mirada hacia la vida de una luchadora que está logrando hacer una vida mejor para ella misma y los que ama desde lejos.  

4th of Ohio

(Emily Wahl, Portland, OR,  2017, 19 min)

Visiting rural Ohio during the Fourth of July, the filmmaker documents a 95-year-old Ohio native, her multi-racial family, and public celebrations of the national holiday, in cinéma vérité style.

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