Local Sightings 2020 – Notes on Camp (Shorts Program)

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Sep. 18–27, 2020

Zoom Viewing Party*
Sep. 25 at 7:00pm PDT

Zoom Filmmaker Q&A*
Sep. 25 at 8:00pm PDT


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Reject philistinism! Embrace extravagance! Transcend the good-bad axis of ordinary aesthetic judgement! Because in these films, style is everything.

* All ticketholders will receive access to Viewing Party and Zoom Q&A with:

  • Grisly – Katrina Brede (Writer, Director)
  • Our Troll – D.J. Walker (Writer, Director)
  • Murphy’s Law – Kate Green (Director)
  • Stuck – Allison Beda (Director, Editor, Cinematographer)
  • Conflation: Air&Water – Lynn O.C Thompson (Filmmaker)
  • Bigfoot James Winters (Director)

RECOMMENDED READING: Did you know that, in 1964, Susan Sontag published an essay entitled Notes on Camp? Well, she did, and the opening paragraphs of the 13-page piece of work assert:

“Many things in the world have not been named; and many things, even if they have been named, have never been described. One of these is the sensibility — unmistakably modern, a variant of sophistication but hardly identical with it — that goes by the cult name of ‘Camp…’ there are special reasons why Camp, in particular, has never been discussed. It is not a natural mode of sensibility, if there be any such. Indeed, the essence of Camp is its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.”

We invite you to read this essay, watch these films, and then go hog-wild and craft your own mini-dissertation to Sontag’s work. In fact, feel free to challenge our categorization of “camp,” or go on and define your own.

Film Program:

Warren Dunes – "Crosstown Villain"

(Joel Mars & Nicholas Bond, Seattle, WA, 2019, 4 min)

Ropey doesn’t feel like an outcast around everybody, but it’s hard to convince certain people of that.

Skipping Shorewood

(Evan Kubena, Seattle, WA, 2020, 8 min)

In the small town of Burien, Washington, a young musician decides to take up the family mantle of becoming a professional athlete.

Our Troll

(D.J. Walker, Seattle, WA, 2019, 12 min)

A dinner goes awry when a Troll with an agenda of his own arrives.


(Allison Beda, Vancouver, BC, 2020, 3 min)

A comedic dance film exploration of our modern urban existence (and psychosis?) and the human struggle to connect with each other in an increasingly technologically “connected” environment that leaves us physically disconnected/starved for human touch.

Conflation: Air&Water

(Lynn Thompson, Seattle, WA, 2019, 4 min)

The fluidity and anthropomorphism of inflatable tube men is hypnotically amplified.

Chris Poage – "Bad Weather"

(Ella Stewart, Mel Solli, Neil Birch & Clyde Petersen, Seattle, WA, 2020, 3 min)

A lonely Sea Dragon yearns for more than Tuna-for-one. Music by Chris Poage.


(Katrina Brede, Seattle, WA, 2019, 5 min)

A hiker upsets nature with ghastly results.

Murphy's Law

(Kate Green, Burnaby, BC, 2020, 12 min)

In this dark comedy western, three outlaw sisters’ plans to flee to Dawson City go awry when one of them catches a case of the “strange rabies.”

Waking Bear – "Bigfoot"

(James Winters, Tacoma, WA, 2020, 6 min)

A shy mythical beast is moved to drastic measures to win the affection of a co-worker.

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