Paranoid Data – Johnny Mnemonic on 35mm

This event took place on Dec 7, 2019

$13 General + $10 Student/Child/Senior + $7 Member

SERIES PASSES ON SALE! $39 General + $21 Members (Five films for the price of three!)

Robert Longo
1h 36m

On Film

** On glorious 35mm! **


The date is January 17, 2021, and the world is ruled by dingy corporations and big tech (sound familiar?). Dependence on the internet has caused people to develop nerve attenuation syndrome, or NAS, which brings about seizures and does not seem to have a cure. Meanwhile, Johnny (played by the amazing pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves) is a data courier, someone that can carry large amounts of data in their brain, and has accepted an unsafe amount of gigabytes that he must deliver. While the contents are unknown – but clearly NAS-related and sensitive to the major corporation Pharmakom – Johnny is being hunted for what he holds and he must eject it before the contents seeps into his brain and kills him.

Based on a William Gibson story, with a great supporting cast that includes Ice-T, Udo Kier, and Henry Rollins, Johnny Mnemonic depicts a scrappy future that literally combines man and machine to show the dangers of a world where information is hidden, misused, and kept out of the hands of those that need it most.

PARANOID DATA Series (December 7 & 8)

Paranoid Data is a weekend-long offering of cult classics and FIVE rarely seen films that offer a small window into the ways in which technology, data, and the human body were thought to be affected and influenced by each other. Full program offerings and schedule below.

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