Shogun Assassin ft. Live Commentary by RZA!

Sunday, May 24th
6:15pm PDT / 9:15pm EDT

Tickets are $10.00 and will be streamed through the website. A percentage of your purchase will go towards supporting Northwest Film Forum.

Kenji Misumi, Robert Houston
1h 25m


Live commentary by RZA!


Memorial Day Weekend is one of the biggest release weekends of the year, and NWFF is proud to announce a livestream of Shogun Assassin featuring live commentary with RZA—acclaimed rapper, producer, director and co-founder of 36 Chambers—and Dan Halsted—head programmer at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland!

Their collective knowledge and personal stories related to Shogun Assassin will give the audience a deeper appreciation for the movie that inspired the platinum album, ​Liquid Swords​.

Shogun Assassin (1980) The story of Lone Wolf and Cub! Tomisaburo Wakayama stars as Lone Wolf, “the greatest samurai in the empire.” When he is betrayed and his wife murdered by the shogun’s ninjas, he takes his young son on “the road to hell” and seeks vengeance. Roaming the countryside, they face off with countless ninjas and assassins, and are ultimately led to a confrontation with the Masters of Death, three of the fiercest killers in the history of cinema. This movie is action-packed, with blood geyser arterial showers at every turn. As the tagline states: “Meet the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter!”

Shogun Assassin​ has been licensed by Janus Films.

For questions and additional information about this special screening, please ​click here​.

About 36 Chambers

36 Chambers, the record label and production house founded by RZA and Mustafa Shaikh, has launched 36 Cinema; a live-commentary film platform. The first-of-its-kind experience will feature live-commentary of classic films, presenting in-depth discussion with directors, actors,critics and superfans. The intent of 36 Cinema is to provide viewers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the films that have inspired and influenced generations of cinefiles.

On May 16th, 36 Cinema officially kicked off its inaugural event, providing a live-commentary of Shaolin vs Wu Tang​: the beloved 1983 martial arts film that inspired Wu-Tang Clan’s name. RZA and Dan Halsted spoke throughout the film’s 87 minute run-time, sharing fascinating insights into one of the most influential yet somewhat underappreciated kung fu films of the past half century. RZA and Dan also answered fan questions in real time, moderated by Mustafa Shaikh.

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