Terrore Giallo! – The Laughing Woman

This event took place on Nov 22, 2017

$12 General Admission
$9 Student/Senior
$7 Member

Piero Schivazappa
1h 48m
Series - Terrore Giallo!

On Film

** 35mm print! **


** Screening as part of the series Terrore Giallo! Italian Thrillers as Anti-Kyriarchal Dream Agents **

It’s movies like this that make us want to pack up our belongings, grow tiny mustaches, put on white linen suits and move to Europe. We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll never see an S&M soap opera like this rolling out of any global film industry anytime between now and the first ski championship in Hell. Dagmar Lassander stars as a kidnapped pupil learning the ropes (literally) from satanic Phillipe Leroy, whose whole mansion is like Six Flags for the sexually deviant. Is this film a militantly feminist assault on masculine violence? Is it a misogynistic nightmare of emasculation? The film’s free-associative faux-psychological screenwriting is brought to life with absurdly opulent production values and pinwheel visual exuberance. The door into and out of the sex gym is in the shape of a vulva between two giant sculpted legs! Let’s all move in together.

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