Travessias 2022 – Brazilian BLM [Hybrid]

Watch online: May. 19–29, 2022

Watch in person: May 21 & 22 at 7:30pm

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Travessias 2022 is a hybrid virtual-and-in-person festival. There are three categories of festival pass: VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, and HYBRID (virtual AND in-person), all available here. Proof of vaccination and masks are still required for NWFF patrons! Full Covid policies here. 😷


Header photo credit: Swinguerra, dir. Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca

From a romance between two young Black women to a street dance battle for the most enthralling choreography, the films presented in this program focus on Black communities’ narratives; their resistance movements in social and imaginary spaces.

Do envolvimento amoroso entre duas jovens negras até a competição de street dance pela coreografia mais contagiante, os filmes reunidos nesta sessão concentram narrativas de comunidades negras, seus movimentos de resistência por espaços sociais e imaginários.

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FAQ: How do I watch in-person?
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Films in this program:

Republic (República)

Shot in the early months of the pandemic, República portrays a country on the brink of collapse amid the claustrophobia of quarantine. In the República neighborhood of São Paulo, a woman contends with yelping dogs, menacing strangers, and her own mounting delirium. Moments of dark humor abound as she slowly realizes that “Brazil is a dream.”

(Grace Passô, Brazil, 2020, 16 min, in Portuguese with English subtitles)

Their Happiness (A felicidade delas)

The electrifying Women’s March takes a turn when police officers surround the protesters. In the resulting chaos, two girls must traverse alleyways and sneak into abandoned buildings while fleeing the cops. But moments of shared solace in the dark build to an astonishing intimacy between them.

(Carol Rodrigues, Brazil, 2019, 14 min, in Portuguese with English subtitles)


In this meditative visual poem inspired by the work of Virgilio Piñera, a seaside community used to drudgery and toil is visited by Yemaya, a charismatic sea goddess. Pattaki utilizes primordial symbolism of the water, sky, and moon to create an eerie and mystical atmosphere. Moments of prayer and ritual, solace and ecstasy, build to a startling climax.

(Everlane Moraes, Brazil, 2019, 21 min, nonverbal)


Swinguerra focuses on disadvantaged queer communities of color in Recife, Brazil, with an emphasis on transgender and nonbinary performers. The film features three contemporary dance styles—swingueira, brega funk, and passinho da maloca—as performed by three competitive dance groups. These mixed dance styles recall Brazil’s colonial and slave trade history, where music and dance functioned as discreet methods of organizing politically under oppressive regimes. Fast-paced, athletic, sexy, dreamlike, and aggressive, the dance styles, like the music, make Swinguerra an exhilarating and unforgettable viewing experience, illustrating how dance and music offer rich sources of agency, resistance, and community for marginalized individuals.

In the sports court of a school, dancers rehearse under the watchful eye of a choreographer. Tensions haunt personal desires as they are observed by a rival troupe.

(Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, Brazil, 2019, 23 min, in Portuguese with English subtitles)

Festival Directory

This festival of contemporary Brazilian film gives marginalized voices the mic in discussions of race, sexuality, and governance. The 2022 fest runs May 19–22 in person, May 19–29 online. Travessias 2022 is curated by Calac Nogueira and Livia Lima, with support from Brazilian cinema scholar Emanuella Leite Rodrigues de Moraes, and Jonathan Warren, Professor and Director of the Center for Brazilian Studies.


Short film programs:

  • Shorts A (in-person May 20 at 7:30pm & May 22 at 5pm | online May 19–29)
  • Shorts B (in-person May 21 & 22 at 7:30pm | online May 19–29)

Feature films:

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