Unstreamable – All That Jazz [In-Person Only]

This event took place Sep 10 - Sep 11, 2022

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Bob Fosse
2h 3m
Series - Unstreamable


Unstreamable’s Jas Keimig and Chase Burns will introduce each screening.


(Bob Fosse, US, 1979, 123 min, in English)

Bob Fosse takes a long, hard look in the mirror in this musical masterpiece about a drug-addled, womanizing choreographer.

Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz is about a man who struggles to balance the demands of his ego, work, lust, and family—in that order. If that man sounds like Fosse, then bingo! This movie musical is a not-so-thinly veiled, fantastical almost-autobiography of director and legendary choreographer Bob Fosse. It follows a Fosse-type character, Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider), as he zips between editing a film and staging a play, all while cheating on partners and apologizing for diddly-squat.

Joe Gideon’s misogyny is on full display offstage, but onstage—just like Fosse—his gender-neutral choreography is revelatory. Throughout the film, he stages numbers, like the horny “Take Off with Us (Airotica),” with men and women dancing the same way, their sweaty, sinewy bodies stretching and pirouetting. Even though Joe is a cad, the women in his life are stars: specifically the wonderful Leland Palmer as his ex-wife Audrey (based on Fosse’s real ex and muse, Gwen Verdon) and Ann Reinking, who plays a version of herself in the film.

All That Jazz took home the Palme d’Or at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival and made over three times its budget at the box office. The film’s closing number, “Bye Bye Life,” is a musical theater masterpiece and makes death seem like a grand adventure.

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