Unstreamable – Poison Ivy [In-Person Only]

This event took place Jan 7 - Jan 8, 2023

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Katt Shea
1h 33m
Series - Unstreamable


Unstreamable’s Jas Keimig and Chase Burns will introduce each screening.


(Katt Shea, US, 1992, 93 min, in English)

Drew Barrymore, in her breakout role, has a taste for seduction, shitty tattoos, and pushing people off beautiful marble balconies. All she wants is love…

New Line Cinema initially conscripted Katt Shea to direct a “Fatal Attraction with teenagers,” she told Dazed. Instead, Shea threw the big studio execs a big middle finger and made a sexed up and weirdly earnest movie about probably the worst friend breakup ever.

This pulpy erotic thriller stars a fresh-out-of-rehab Drew Barrymore as the titular Ivy, an opportunistic teen homewrecker who strikes up a lesbian-esque friendship with the cranky, wealthy Sylvie (Roseanne’s Sara Gilbert). Quickly, Ivy moves into Sylvie’s mansion, where the young temptress starts to wreak havoc. She raids Sylvie’s dying (and hot) mother’s closet and graphically seduces Sylvie’s weak-willed conservative father, played by a nervous-looking Tom Skerritt. As Ivy’s thirst for love and attention grows stronger, this moneyed family starts to break.

Incensed by the film, New Line Cinema demanded Shea make Ivy pay for her horny crimes. Shea vehemently disagreed and refused to shoot an ending until months after production ended. We won’t spoil what happens to the teen seductress, but the studio worked hard to ensure the film tanked at the box office. The studio eventually harvested the IP to make three direct-to-video spinoffs without Shea. But the 1992 film persisted, finding an audience on the home video market. It’s since become a cult favorite. True taste reigns supreme.

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