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Reel Grrls Pro is founded on the belief that for women to achieve equality and advancement in today’s world they must not only be media literate, they must also be active participants in all aspects of media production. What distinguishes the Reel Grrls Pro program is our immersive and sustained mentorship model—youth work directly with professionals from the media and filmmaking industries, completing video productions and building lasting relationships over time. By hiring Reel Grrls Pro you will get not only a great product, but will further the advancement of girls and women in the production industry.

RGP will adhere to industry standards while maintaining a fresh, youthful perspective. We pair our most motivated and talented students with high-level professionals in the field to bring our clients an unparalleled blend of expertise and youthful creative expression.  Proceeds from client projects go to support our core classes and programs for girls ages 9-19, which are offered on a pay-what –you-can basis. Hire Reel Grrls Productions and get, in addition to a stunning product, professionally executed and efficiently produced, the satisfaction of empowering young, motivated girls at the doorstep of their media-making careers, supporting Reel Grrls and our mission to educate, mentor, and equip girls and young women with state-of-the-art digital media training and aligning your company/organization/institution with a community committed to creating a better tomorrow for girls and their allies.

Contact Lead Producer Laura Jean Cronin for more info on how to hire Reel Grrls Pro for a project!

Sample Projects

SLU: Let’s Go! from Reel Grrls Pro on Vimeo.

A Master Class at On the Boards_Trailer from Reel Grrls Pro on Vimeo.

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