TRANSlations Seattle Transgender Film Festival 2022 [Hybrid]

Watch online: May 5–8

Watch in person at NWFF: May 7

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TRANSlations: Seattle Trans Film Fest is a hybrid festival. Our virtual program will be available to watch May 5–8, 2022, and all films started during that time are accessible until May 13th. Our in-person “TRANSlations Mxxtape” program will take place Saturday May 7th, 2022 at Northwest Film Forum and will feature Programmer-curated features and shorts from the program.

Check out the virtual program here, and the in-person schedule here.

Our virtual program is available to people across the United States (except when otherwise noted). The last day to purchase virtual access is May 8th. Once you buy tickets you can watch online at All live events and programs will be available on the TRANSlations and Three Dollar Bill Cinema Facebook and YouTube pages.

Schedule overview:

Caer (Caught)

Saturday, May 7 at 12pm at NWFF

(Nicola Mai, United Kingdom, 60 min, in English)

Rosa and Paloma fight transphobic violence and persecution from the police while defending their prostitution charges in court in an increasingly anti-migration political environment in the US. Together with their friends and colleagues, they assert their identities creatively at a drag show that allows them to exist counter to their marginalization. Although Paloma and Rosa’s story is fictional, it captures the first hand experience of those involved in violence, trafficking, and sex work. This experimental documentary combines ethnofiction and observational nonfiction as a collaboration between Nicola Mai and the TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective, a grassroots nonprofit organization defending the rights of transgender Latina migrant women in Queens, New York City. CAER is a tribute to the work and legacy of Lorena Borjas, the mother of these Latina transgender women in Queens, who was one of the first victims of COVID-19 in New York City in March 2020. Sponsored by Edge Media Network

⚠️ CONTENT WARNINGS: Non-explicit sexual situations, discussion of sexual violence, depiction of domineering treatment from a male partner, police, depiction of the arrest of trans women, depiction of an animal left without care, mention of childhood sexual abuse, mention of detainment, mention of being pursued by immigration, mention of the murder of trans women.

TRANSlations Mxxtape Shorts Block

Saturday, May 7 at 1:45pm at NWFF

(GJ Pelczar, US, 2021, 4 min)
In this surrealist, stop motion, acid western, a vigilante cowgirl comes to town with one goal: taking down a mysterious outlaw.

(Nyala Moon, US, 2021, 12 min)
A young, Black, trans woman breaks it all down in this grim comedy: dating, romance, and the fourth wall.

(Geo Neptune & Brianna Smith, US, 2022, 12 min, in English & Passamaquoddy with English subtitles)
This documentary follows young Peskotomuhkati people as they reclaim the practice of athasikuwi-pisun or “tattoo-medicine,” illuminating ancestral memory and native identity.

(Moonyeka, US, 2022, 7 min)
Moonyeka’s self-proclaimed visual and embodied labyrinth is a picturesque short film that elucidates the sacramental process experienced by shelled creatures, particularly mollusks, oysters, and abalones, as parasitic energies encroach upon their environment.

(Audrey Kiehn, US, 2022, 5 min)
An intimate and meditative scene of a trans woman shaving her body.

(Shaleece Haas (she/her), US, 6 min)
Hunter “Pixel” Jimenez, a 19 year old, nonbinary, Guatamalan just wants to live happily ever after with his long-distance boyfriend in this endearing animated self-portrait.

(Emma Frankland & Rosie Powell, United Kingdom, 2021, 3 min)
Two trans people celebrate their love in this playful, sexy, and romantic musical short, set to “Get Cute” by Screaming Toenail.

(Flo Singer & Ben Dame, US, 2022, 9 min)
A self-coached, nonbinary weightlifter navigates the very binary world of professional weightlifting.

(Imanol Ruiz de Lara, Spain, 2021, 19 min, in Spanish with English subtitles)
Nora is nervous about performing in a play at school, but being bullied by her classmates makes her face something much more important: being accepted by her dad. The following 17 minutes will change their relationship forever.

(Elijah Ndoumbe, South Africa, 2021, 16 min, in English, Kirundi & French with English subtitles)
Miraculous and tender, this short shines a light on the lives of trans sex workers in South Africa, presenting the power and possibility of world-building within the margins.

Total running time: 93 min. Films are in English, without captions, unless otherwise specified.

⚠️ CONTENT WARNINGS: Nudity, graphic violence, non-explicit sexual situations, explicit sexual situations, depiction of murdered trans women, discussion of physical violence against sex workers, mild vulgar language.


Saturday, May 7 at 4:30pm at NWFF

(Horacio Alcalá, Mexico & Spain, 2021, 98 min, in Spanish and Zapotecan (assumed) with English subtitles)

Delirio is an older Muxe dressmaker that has built a safe haven for others like her. Amaranta struggles to find peace while suffering at the hands of an alcoholic father. Mariano explores their identity despite messages from the church and their religious mother against it. Marta is given a job to plagiarize the Muxe’s cultural designs for the European fashion company she works for. Everyone is lost in their own private drama when an earthquake suddenly tears the city apart.

The film speaks out against the unethical practices of the textile industry and connects the violence experienced by the Muxe with the impacts of colonialism. Shot through a SUMIRE lens, the film displays a rich array of traditional Zapotec clothing in stunning detail. Sponsored by KCTS/Cascade Media

⚠️ CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic violence, nudity, explicit sexual situations, discussion of sexual violence, discussion of childhood sexual abuse.

Framing Agnes

Saturday, May 7 at 6:45pm at NWFF

(Chase Joynt (he/him), US, 2022, 75 min, in English)

In 1958, a young trans woman named Agnes entered a study about sex disorders at UCLA hoping to get the gender-affirming care she needed. Her story has long been considered one of a kind, until never-before-seen case files of other patients with similar stories were found in 2017. Framing Agnes tells Agnes’s story, along with other patients from the same clinic, giving us a window into the joys and hardships of living as a trans person at the time.

This genre-blurring documentary uses reenactment and boundary-pushing storytelling techniques to breathe new life into the previously unknown people who redefined gender in the mid-century. Director Chase Joynt (No Ordinary Man) brings together an all-star cast of transgender artists and performers, including Angelica Ross, Jen Richards, Zackary Drucker, Silas Howard, Max Wolf Valerio (Gendernauts, Max), and Stephen Ira, to bring these lost stories to life, relating them to their contemporary experiences. Sponsored by BECU


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