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Aug. 14 – Sep. 11, 2020

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Hillary Bachelder
1h 33m


Equal parts personal and political, Represent follows three women on both sides of the aisle who share the singular goal of improving their community through public service. Myya attempts to spark a youth movement and unseat the incumbent mayor of Detroit; Bryn, a farmer and working mother in Granville, OH, runs for township trustee; and Julie walks a tightrope between her identities as a Korean immigrant and Republican candidate for State Representative in a liberal Chicago suburb.

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Meet the candidates:

MYYA JONES, mayoral candidate

Myya Jones is a 22-year-old black woman running for Mayor of Detroit. She’s a lifelong native of the city, activist, and a recent Michigan State graduate who stepped into the race in January 2017 to challenge the Democratic incumbent and first white mayor of Detroit in nearly 50 years, Mike Duggan. Already the underdog, Myya receives notice that the board of elections is challenging her residency requirement, and she will be forced to continue as a write-in candidate.

But Myya won’t give up that easily, and despite a defeat at the polls, in 2018 she’s on the campaign trail again – this time for State Rep. She’s in it to show other Millennials and women of color that this is their fight, too.

BRYN BIRD, township trustee candidate

In May of 2017, Bryn Bird quit her job to help run the family produce farm while her mother was receiving cancer treatment. Not fully content with farming and family responsibilities, Bryn has her sights set on the upcoming township trustee election – even though, as a proud Democrat, she is far outnumbered in her rural Ohio community. Once she launches her campaign, despite being a four-person race for two open seats, the town’s conservative “old boys network” acts quickly behind the scenes to pit Bryn against incumbent Melanie Schott, the only other female trustee that Granville has ever elected. Now Bryn must navigate a political system erected to exclude women like her, in a fight for the future and the values of this sleepy Midwest town.

JULIE CHO, state representative candidate

Julie Cho faces long odds against a popular Democratic incumbent. Not long after launching, her own Illinois Republican party even tries to convince Julie to drop out of her race. Julie rejects the GOP’s strong-arming and pushes forward to build a grassroots campaign, but as the national rhetoric intensifies and the midterm elections near, Julie’s shared identities – woman of color, conservative, immigrant – may prove to be her ticket to success… or her political undoing.

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