Virtual Moving History XVII – Black Washington: Local Government & Community Activism (Part 1)

This event took place on Jul 19, 2020

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Series - Moving History


MIPoPS is dedicating all Virtual Moving History screenings in July 2020 to highlighting the voices of Seattle’s Black community. We believe that to better understand the anger and urgency surrounding the current protests, as well as the depth and complexity of systemic racism in Seattle, it is important to examine historical context, including the evolution of local conversations regarding race.

These screenings are a preview into some of the historical resources available from local archives that document those conversations. Each program honors the contributions of Seattle’s Black community to art, activism, poetry, literature, music, theater, and government.

One of the many reasons we are passionate about magnetic media (videotape) vs. film is that its affordability and ease of use provided a democratizing opportunity for recording. The commercial availability and technological accessibility of videotape greatly diversified the content that could be created and saved by heritage, journalism, and arts communities. The Pacific Northwest’s moving image history must reflect that diversity of perspectives and stories; we must continue to prioritize BIPOC-made and -centering material, and support public access to it.

Marginalized communities are essential voices in our cultural heritage. To become better archivists and allies, we are committed to seeking and creating ways to amplify them.

Program notes:

Frank discussions with Pacific Northwest denizens on civil rights, racism, and the opportunities given and withheld in our region. Discussants include former Seattle Mayor Norm Rice, Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney, and Jourdan Imani Keith.

Teen Talk: Race Relations (August 13, 1993)

An episode of Late Night Teen Talk on Seattle Municipal Television (Cable Channel 28). A panel discussion about race relations in Seattle featuring Yvonne Tate (Diversity Manager, Group Health) and Mayor Norm Rice. KING-5 News anchor Lori Matsukawa joins as a guest host/moderator. From the Seattle Channel Collection at the Seattle Municipal Archives.

Seattle Voices: Trish Millines Dziko (February 9, 2004)

An episode of Seattle Voices hosted by Eric Liu. Guest: Trish Millines Dziko (born 1957) worked at Microsoft (first as a program manager and later in the diversity department) until 1996 when she left to establish the Technology Access Foundation (TAF), an educational program that brings computer training centers, an internship program, and scholarship funds to youths in low-income neighborhoods in Seattle. From the Seattle Channel Collection at the Seattle Municipal Archives.


  • An oral history interview with Seattle civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney, from the Seattle Public Library
  • A short documentary about a Tacoma think tank that brainstorms ways to support local Black-owned businesses
  • A spoken word piece performed by Jourdan Imani Keith at a gathering during the WTO protests
  • A panel discussion about acknowledging racial bias issues within Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ community and ways to foster community diversity

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MIPoPS is a nonprofit whose mission is to assist archives, libraries, and other organizations with the conversion of analog video recordings to digital formats according to archival best practices.

In order to adhere to social distancing best practices, MIPoPS is proud to partner with the Northwest Film Forum to bring you a weekly series of archival videotape documenting a diverse history in Seattle. Featuring a variety of material and topics, this series will curate a set of clips each Sunday to provide comic relief, historically relevant medical and public health documentation, performance recordings, and much more.

MIPoPS hopes this series will educate and entertain viewers during this time of uncertainty and isolation.



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